|| don't wake me up Chris Brown ||

Hello darling how are you today? I hope your great, if not tell me about it. I am always here for you, no matter what and I don't judge at all. 

Babe your flawless, amazing, wonderful. And I'm talking to all of you, boys and girls. Your all amazing and your here for a reason. If your feeling down or even happy I' ll be here for you. I will be the shoulder for you to cry on. I will be the one to give you a big hug and cheer you up. I will be the one to scream and cheer with you when you have big news. No matter what I will be here for you Hun.

Please don't focus on the negative things that will bring you down. Focus on the positive things that will cheer you up (: 

Some people give up because they look at how far they have to go, and not at how far they have came.

Stay amazing
-Selly xo 

@justin-bieber-swagg-anon c: I love youwith all of my heart, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so happy that I get to call myself your wife. Your amazing baby ♥♥
@perrie-edwards-an0n ♥
@ariana-louis-anons luff you ♥
@jdrewbiebs-anon Last tag swag ♥

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