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Wednesday - Spa day! Girls are being pampered @ Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. Evian baths, gold masks, french rain closet, the royal back rub - choose your heaven ladies! 

collab with @ribbonsandkisses 

“Oh my god, how long has it been since the last time I got a massage?” I said happily and relaxed, with my towel wrapped around me.

“Oh my god, how long has it been since we’ve last talked?” Mia said excited “You’ve got so much to tell me! Like who was that guy at Karl’s or what happened with Madelyn? I’ve heard some crazy news”

“You are the one who has a lot to tell” I said trying to change the subject “What happened in New York?”

“I’ll tell you all about it, but now it’s your turn” 

“Okay” I sighed and gave up.

“So…” she said with an excited tone “Who was that hottie you were talking to the other day?” she winked.

“I don’t know” she rolled her eyes “I mean, yes. His name was Jasper but I had just met him. I swear” I added because she didn’t look very convinced.

“Okay, but are you meeting him again?” she insisted. 

“No. He just introduced himself, was the most charming guy ever and left with a ‘hope to see you soon’. I hope to see him soon” I finally admitted. I knew she was going to say something like ‘you should have given him your number’ but truth was I didn’t want to make illusion after Madelyn’s issue; so I changed the subject. “But that’s not important. What it’s really important here is: what happened it New York?”

"Ok...ok..." she sais, giving up. It was her turn now. "So after I was in New York I called Cole to meet me for a coffee. We talked about how we were feeling and where we think we stood with each other, the feeling was mutual." 

"Wow, that sounds like the perfect break up." I say while moving from the massage table, feeling more relaxed than ever. 

"Yeah, it was so much easier than I thought." she agreed, preparing herself for our next stop.

"Now that we are both single girls, I think we need to hit the clubs and bring back the party scene to Paris!" I say with excitement, really looking forward to party in a very near future. But now it was time for mud baths. 

"Oh definitely, we have some partying to catch up on!" she says, immersing herself in the mud.

“Isn’t this weird?”

“What?” Mia says, barely aware that there is a life beside her bath.

“We’re covered up in mud. In any other situation, we’d be utterly disgusted”

“Eww” she suddenly realized “Thanks for ruining mud baths for me”

“Ah, but it’s so relaxing, isn’t it?” she nodded “I needed this”

“What are you talking about? Your life’s a dream. Was a weekend in Dubai too stressful?” she said teasing me.

“Dubai was the closure to it all, actually” she looked at me confused so I proceeded “The whole Madelyn thing. Looking at it now that it’s over, I acted like a crazy b-tch over nothing”

“But what happened exactly?” she questioned and I realized that we hadn’t really talked about it.

“I found out that she had slept with Andrew but she didn’t even know he was him and I went crazy and then, you know, I said in front of everyone that she was unprofessional when actually I was the one who kind of forced her to leave before the show had started”

“Oh, but don’t feel bad, honey. We all have those moments” It was obvious that it wasn’t true and she was just saying that to make me feel better. I had never seen her do such a scandal in public but I didn’t say anything – after all, she was trying to comfort me and I appreciated her effort.

"Thanks, I just feel kind of bad now..." I seriously felt like sh-t every time I thought about it. I could not believe I’d lost control like that, especially doing that to a friend. 

"Listen, how about we get out of these baths, get a nice facial get all dolled up and hit the town." Mia proposes excited, spreading her happiness to me. 

"I think that sounds perfect" I agree, clapping my hands. 

We got out of our muddy baths and put on our robes, feeling re-born. ‘What could be better that this?’ I asked myself. Just when I thought I couldn’t find an answer to that question, a waiter showed up with champagne. 

"I think the party is starting early" Mia said and we clinked our glasses, ready for our facial appointment.
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