In chorus doing nothing. 
This band and this song are the best things ever. 
SO GUISE, I WENT to my cousin's band's concert and LAKDSFJA;LDSKFADS;LKGJAD;S they are so ahmaaaaahhhhzinnnggg. Like holy s.h.i.t. his bandmates are soooooooo attreactive like dayuum. I was flirting back and forth with one of them and I felt bad cause I wasn't really talking to the other because I thought he had a girlfriend and I'm not a hoo, but I realized that they broke up but it was too late to do anything about it lol. Basically I'm in love with the singers voice and I just wish I could marry his voice because he probably wouldn't marry me ahha jokes. But seriously they are a really good band and I have the biggest crush on the guitar player. I mean the singer too, but I've talked to the singer more.
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