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I rushed into the restaurant, my eyes on my watch which showed that I was already fifteen minutes late. All I wanted was for this night to be perfect, but I had already messed it up. I stepped inside and scanned the fairly packed place for Spence, my eyes immediately landing on her. She wasn't hard to find, she definitely stood out from everyone else, even in a simple top and shorts. She was just so f.cking gorgeous. "Spence!" I called from behind her.
She turned around and grinned. "Hi."
"Hey," I said back, suddenly feeling really awkward. Could I kiss her? "I'm sorry I'm a little late...Did you give them my name?" 
She shook her head. "Which name?"
I couldn't tell if it was a jab at the fact that I didn't use my last name so that I wouldn't be associated with my father and that I hid that part of me, but I just ignored the comment. And luckily, just in the time the hostess came up to us, smiling at me. "Mr. Drew, nice to see you again. Your usual table?"
I nodded as she started leading us to the table. "Well that answers that question....." Spence murmured. 
"Work went long........" I trailed off, still feeling kind of awkward, now because I felt like we might be seconds from fighting about my work with my dad again, and that was the last thing I wanted.
"You don't need to explain anything to me baby," She said seriously, and I almost winced at the name. It made it seem like we were back together again.... which we weren't. I think. I don't really know what we were, actually. This whole thing was confusing and frustrating. 
"Spence....." I said as she sat down across from me at the table. I didn't know what to do.
"I miss you so much," She said, interrupting me before I could say anything else. She looked like she was about to cry and I just wanted to go over and hold her. 
"I miss you too baby," I said, reaching out and grabbing her hand from across the table, almost instinctively. But when I laced my fingers with hers, she didn't pull away and neither did I. 
She sighed, looking down for a second before glancing towards me. "I don't want this to be awkward or weird or be us fighting. I just want to be with you tonight... okay?"
"I want that too," I said, smiling and squeezing her hand gently. I knew we had problems to deal with... a lot of them, but tonight I just wanted to enjoy being with her again. And I definitely wanted to kiss her... 
"So, how's Mik?" She asked me, her hand unfortunately pulling away from mine so she could look through her menu. I pulled back to do the same with mine, actually really hungry after working all day, but all I really wanted to do was be touching her, in any way.
"Good. She's with her mom now. Ali's been really good with picking her up lately," I said. It was usually unlike Alison to keep up with promises and pick up Mikayla on time, or really at all, but she'd been making a lot more of an effort. I didn't know why, but I didn't question it either, especially when it meant that I would finally have time to see Spencer.
"Of course she has," Spence mumbled under her breath. 
I sighed. I knew that she thought that Alison wanted me back or something ridiculous like that, but I knew that wasn't the case. Alison and I were more than done. And even if she did want me back, I wasn't interested at all. "I thought we weren't talking about this."
"I know, I'm sorry. I just don't see how you can't see that she wants you. It's clear as day."
I dropped my menu to grab her hand once again. "I don't care what she wants. I want you baby," I told her seriously. She was the one that I was in love with and the one that I wanted to be with completely. Spencer was the one that I was trying work things out with because she was the one that made me happy.
Spence nodded. "Okay, okay."
I looked at the face that I knew so well, that I missed so much, and that I loved more than I ever thought I would. And then I stood up and walked over to her, cupping that face in my hands. "I love you Spencer," I told her seriously before pressing my lips against hers, wanting to kiss her for the rest of my life.
"Mmm," She moaned against my lips just before my tongue slipped into her mouth, kissing her harder and completely forgetting where we were. 
“Um….I can come back if you want….” The waiter spoke, making both of us pull back and remind us exactly where we were, though that honestly didn't effect me. I still wanted to kiss her and never stop. But first, I wanted to hit the waiter who was smirking wide and pretty much oggling Spence's chest.
"Yeah why don't you do that then?" I replied, moving back to my seat.
Spence smirked at me. "You're still jealous baby."
I groaned, running my hands through my hair as she brought up another point of tension in our relationship, another thing that could lead to a fight. "Well I don't know how to help that Spencer I just I know what those guys are thinking when they look at you."
She grinned, and I was just thankful that she didn't seem annoyed. "Because you thought the same things about me the first time you looked at me?" 
A smirk slowly formed on my lips as I grabbed her hand again. "Admittedly my thoughts were probably worse," I said with a grin, remembering how badly I wanted her from the first second I'd seen her.
“I don’t care if you’re jealous Drew. Just don’t take it out on me.” 
I nodded, thinking that I could agree to that. "And I know that you’re always going to worry about me and wonder what I'm doing. But you have to know that I don’t talk about it because I'm trying to protect you, and because I hate it. If I could I would walk away but-“ 
She set her fingers on my lips, quieting me mid-sentence. "I know. He's your dad. But I don't have to like it."
I grinned. "As long as you don't take it out on me...." 
“I won’t. I should never have started so many fights out of nothing. Honestly I just wanted a little more attention. I felt like your dad got so much of you….I wanted the same.” 
"Spencer you will always come before my work. And if you ever feel like that's not happening, then maybe you should just tell me instead of fighting or running away," I told her seriously. If we just talked like we were now then we would be fine. Could we keep doing this though? I don't know. I just really hoped so because I really did love her so much. I never wanted to lose her again if I had any say in it.
She nodded. "Okay, I will."
I just smiled at her, suddenly not wanting to be in a restaurant full of people. "Do you just want to go back to my place? I have food there..."
"Yes," She said, almost immediately and I laughed at her eagerness, getting up with her and slipping my hand into hers as we started towards the exit, nothing else but her getting my attention.
We stepped out onto the sidewalk and I just stopped, looking into her gorgeous eyes and smiling. My hand dropped from hers as I reached out, brushing her hair from her face carefully before leaning in and kissing her softly. "I'm never going to let you go again Spencer..." I said softly, my lips still against hers.
"I'm not going to leave," She answered, kissing me harder, her tongue slipping into my mouth. God, she was so f.cking hot and her kisses were so incredible.... how had I ever let her walk out in the first place?!? When you loved someone as much as I loved her, you should never let them go... and I did. But I would never, ever do it again.
I kissed her softly once again, my lips running lightly down her neck before I pulled back, missing my lips against her lips immediately. "Maybe we should stop by your place to pick up some things... you can stay with me for a little, at least until Mik comes back." I knew that I had said that we should take things slow and just figure out what both of us wanted, but just being around her for a few minutes completely changed that. Why couldn't we solve our problems with her at my place? I don't know, maybe it was a bad idea... I just wanted to be with her all the time.
"I thought you said we were going to take things slow..." She bit her lip.
"Do you want to?"
"No..." She trailed off, a smirk appearing on her lips. She was so f.cking sexy.
"Me either." I smirked, kissing her again. My lips lingered against hers as my hands ran down her back, my mind not exactly clean right now...
 "We can stop at Whit's place, it's just a few blocks away..." She whispered against my mouth.
"Good idea," I agreed, kissing her again and calling a cab to take us to her place. Honestly, I was just anxious to have her all to myself back to my place, all alone.
"Whit?" Spence called as we finally stepped into the apartment. She slipped off her heels, speaking again. "Carter?"
"No one home?" I asked, coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her petite waist as she walked towards what I'm assuming was her room as she stayed here.
"No it looks like we're alone..." She trailed off and I didn't hesitate, my lips beginning to place kisses on her neck.
"Good," I growled, my hands squeezing her tight and turning her around to face me. "I don't think I can wait until we get to my place....."
"Wait for what exactly?" She smirked, teasing me as she set her hands against my chest. Ugh, I wanted her naked and my lips all over her body right now.
"This," I said, not pausing before I kissed her hard, pushing her back onto the bed, my body above hers.
"I missed you so much...." Spence moaned as I focused on sucking against her neck before biting down.
"I know the feeling baby..." I groaned, continuing to kiss her as my hands roamed all over her body, not sure where to start or what I wanted to do first. It had been so long and I already couldn't get over her, so now it was just ridiculous. I never wanted to stop touching and kissing her. Her hands ran up under my shirt, running along my abs lightly and making me groan again. "You're killing me...."
“No…..I need you alive so you can do whatever you want to me…..” 
"Anything I want, huh?" I asked, slowly moving my lips down down her neck, towards her chest. My hands ran down her flat stomach to the bottom of her shirt, slowly pushing it up so that I could replace the fabric with my lips, kissing and sucking her now bare skin.
"Uh huh... f.ck Drew," She murmured her body already driving me crazy. How had I let this go?!?
"You're body is so f.cking sexy." I spoke, my lips still not leaving her skin. She was way too covered up for what I wanted to do to her though. "I need you naked Spencer."
Her hand ran along the back of my head, her fingers lacing in my hair and gently pulling my head back towards her, her lips placing against mine. She kissed her passionately, sucking on my bottom lip before she pulled away. "I've gotten some new lingerie baby," She murmured quietly, kissing my softly once again. She was so. f.cking. hot.
"Oh really?" I smirked at her, pulling back a little so that I could pull her top off, revealing some of that lingerie. Ugh. I was so hard for her right now. 
"What do you think?" She asked, her smirk matching mine. 
My eyes took in her lacy bra and perfect body. "I think I need to see the rest of it...." I trailed off, beginning to kiss along her body once again. My lips pressed lightly against her soft skin as I moved down her stomach, reaching the skin just above her shorts. I bit down softly before moving my head back, working on taking them off as fast as I can, revealing a pair of matching lace underwear. UGH. I groaned audibly, but yanked off the material just as fast, other things in my mind as I moved right back to kissing her skin. 
My lips teased the inside of her thighs, hearing Spence moan. "I'm so wet for you Drew...." 
"Are you baby?" I questioned, my eyes looking towards her face, which clearly showed how turned on she was. 
"You should find out," She answered sexily... and I planned on doing just that. I nipped her thigh before running my tongue flat up to her tight p.ssy, finally slipping my tongue inside of her and making her call out. Oh my god, she was going to be the death of me, I swear. A moan escaped her lips as she tangled her fingers in my hair, my tongue continuing to f.ck her fast. Finally!" She groaned sexily, killing me. "Drew....."
"Spencer...." I whispered against her, making her whole body shiver.
She bit her lip, looking down at me. "You stopped...and you're still fully dressed." She pouted, making even more turned on at how sexy it made her look.
I grinned, kissing my way back up her body and replacing where my tongue had been with two fingers, pumping them inside of her. "I'm not stopping baby," I said, looking into her eyes as she reached for the hem of my shirt to yank it over my head, her lips immediately attaching to my chest, neck and nearly every inch of my bare skin she could get her hands on. Ugh... she was so so hot. And then she got even hotter when she grabbed my hand, sucking each of my fingers clean and tasting herself. "Fu.ck Spence..." I groaned as she moved beneath me, making her way to my jeans and unhooking them before pressing her hands against my erection.
"Oh my god..." She groaned, pushing my jeans before I pulled her back beneath me, kissing her hard. I was desperate to be inside of her. 
"I love you," I told her, nipping at her neck as she lifted her hips up to feel me.
"I love you too," She said seriously as I reached back, unhooking her bra and instantly lowering my mouth to her chest. “Fu.ck me….please I need it so bad…..” 
I bit down against her hard nipple lightly before pulling my head back and smirking at her. "Are you begging me?" I asked, lowering myself slightly and just barely slipping inside of her tight p.ssy, completely teasing her and myself also. God, I wanted her desperately.
"Drew, it's been way too long... of course I'm f.cking begging. I'm aching for you," She said, almost moaning it as I moved my hand to knead one of her breasts. 
I smirked. I was so lucky... and she was really f.cking hot. "Whatever you want baby," I said, finally slipping all the way inside of her, but still moving slowly. "God Spencer, you're so damn tight..." I trailed off. Was it just me, or was she even tighter than I remember?
She smirked up at me, her hips raising up to meet mine. "It's because you're so f.cking huge..."
I grinned. "Oh really?" I asked, but didn't wait for an answer before pressing my lips against hers. She instantly moaned against my mouth, opening it against mine and allowing my tongue to slip in. I increased my pace, f.cking her hard. My lips stayed pressed against hers as my hand kneaded her breast. I was so insanely obsessed with every part of her body and I never wanted to stop touching her. I think I would be perfectly happy just staying like this, buried deep inside of her, for the rest of my life. 
Spence tightened against me already. "Oh my god, you feel so good Drew..."
"Already baby?" I smirked. Though honestly? She felt so good and it had been so long since I had even had sex that I was so close myself too. 
She nodded her head against the pillow, her nails running against my back and when I pulled out and slammed all the way against her, her nails dug into my back. "F.ck Drew!!!" She screamed out as I groaned, just keeping up my fast pace. “Ugh…..harder!” 
"You're kind of bossy today baby." I grinned, not complaining in the least bit as I grabbed her knees and hooked them around my back.
"Should I start begging instead?" She asked, sounding breathless.
"I kind of like the bossy as much as I like the begging," I murmured. I kept kissing her all over, nipping at her neck as I continued thrusting into her at a steady pace. "I never want to stop!" She moaned loudly as I started to speed up, f.cking her harder and faster.
"I know the feeling..." I lowered my lips to her chest again, my hands grabbing her a.ss as I went even deeper. "Fu.cking helpp Spence...." I groaned, going totally crazy with how good she felt. 
"DREW!!!" Spence called out as I hit her spot and she came. I focused, speeding up even further as I felt my own climax hit, coming hard inside of her as I groaned her name.
“Never leave again….please….” I moaned against her neck before pulling back and kissing her lips hard. She kissed me back in response as I pulled out of her, still keeping her body pressed against mine though. I seriously never wanted to let her go.
"I don't know....I kind of got what I wanted so you can leave now," She whispered.
Very funny babe," I said, reaching down and spanking her perfect a.ss firmly.
She bit her lip, looking up at me. "Ouch," She teased, her smirk wide on her face as she kissed me once again. "I'm kidding, I'm going to need you in like 5 minutes when I want you all over again...."
I smirked, biting down against her bottom lip lightly before pulling back. "Are you just using me for sex Spence?"
She grinned. "What if I am?"
My lips moved slowly down her neck towards her collarbone where I nibbled against it gently, making her moan softly. I definitely already wanted her all over again... "I'd have to spank you a lot harder then.."
"Well in that case..." She trailed off, smirking.
"Are you asking me to spank you?!" I questioned, definitely already turned on again. And hard. I was really hard.
"Maybe." She bit her lip.
"Spencer?!" A voice called out, totally ruining the moment. Totally. 
I groaned as I heard Whitney's voice call out Spence's name once again. "Maybe if we're quiet enough she'll just think I'm not home," Spence whispered.
I grinned, kissing her lightly but getting up out of bed and searching for my clothes, which were strewn across the floor. "I wish. Did she know we were going out?"
Spence got up herself, picking up her bra and beginning to put it on, unfortunately covering up her perfect body as I buttoned up my jeans and reached for my shirt. "Yeah... but I don't think she's really expecting you to be-"
"Spencer??" Whit knocked against the door, pushing it open just as I finished getting dressed.... though I guess that the fact that Spence still didn't have her pants on gave us away. "Oh... hi Drew."
I cleared my throat, feeling so awkward. "Hi Whitney. How are you?"
She looked between us before stopping on Spence and giving her a look that I couldn't quite read before finally looking to me. "Good. I'll just leave you two alone."
I turned to Spence once the door was closed. "So..."
"So I guess you should get your bag ready if you're coming back to stay with me. You have some stuff left over at my place, but not for a few days," I told her, still feeling the same way. I wanted her back and I wanted to spend every moment with her. If anything, finally getting to f.ck her again had only made that want even stronger.
She grinned, looking happier than I'd seen her in a really long time. "Okay."
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