these have been my favorite celebrities this year -and I'm dying to see more of them on 2013!

1) LEIGHTON MEESTER: ever since seeing her in Gossip Girl, I've had the biggest girl-crush on her. She's a brilliant actress, has great style and seems so down to earth it makes her even better! Now, I'm dying to see her in "The Oranges", which has just been released in my country.

2) EMMA WATSON: she's been one of my favorites for the longest time, from the very beginning of the Harry Potter saga. Now, her work in "Perks of Being a Wallflower" makes me admire her even more. I love the path she's following.

3) LILY COLLINS: at first, I wasn't so sure about her, but this year she has conquered me. I loved her in "Mirror, Mirror" and, even though I haven't read the books, I want to see her in "The Mortal Instruments"

4) LANA DEL REY: I fell in love with her voice and style with "Video Games", but mostly, she won me over with "Born to Die" and all her unreleased songs. She seems like an amazing fascinating person.

5) KRISTEN STEWART: there's something about her that I love, and that is her ability of doing whatever she feels like to, following her own style and conquering everyone. I think she will be a better actress in time, I'm not particularly fond of her role in Twilight, but she's got some great movies (Welcome to the Riley's and Adventureland are awesome)

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