Tuesday: We're top girls, so we'll go to the top of the Burj and view the beautiful Dubai skyline.
“Ok, I’m going up now. I’ll see you later, baby.”

“By, Lav. I love you.”

“I love you, too. I wish you were here.”

“I know, babe. I wish I were there with you, too. But this meeting is important, and my Dad really wants me to go.”

“I know. I have to go now, good luck. I love you.”

“I love you.” Click, and he hangs up. I’m so proud of Rob. His father has been nagging him to get into the family business as long as I can remember, and now that the company is planning to open a branch in Dubai, Rob is finally getting into it – he may even become the CEO of the Dubai branch.

“Rob?” Ly asks, giving me a knowing look.

“Of course. I just wanted to wish him luck on his meeting again. I still can’t believe his Dad and him are getting along, I mean it’s so great. I’m so proud of Rob, he’s worked so hard on this and-“

“I know. You’ve told me before. Let’s get this elevator, shall we?”


“Oh my God! Look at the view.” I hear everyone gush, as I gaze along the Dubai skyline. The tower overlooks everything and it’s easy to spot anything. 

“This is so perfect. The highest tower in the world for Dubai’s elite.” Ly giggles and I nod in agreement. 

“How are things with Alex, bythewayy?”

“What do you mean, how are things?”

“Don’t give me that, you know what I mean!” I smirk and she sighs.

“Everything’s so… perfect? It’s like he’s the only guy who can make me unlock myself, I guess. Where I’m just Lyla, not Lyla Barton. When I’m with him…”

“You love him, don’t you? You really do love him.” I interrupt and she looks down. For a moment, just a split second, I see a very vulnerable Lyla. One that rarely shows, one that even I hardly ever get to see. 

“I think I do. Yeah, I do.”

“Tell him.”

“Lyla Barton doesn’t tell guys she loves them randomly.”

“She does if Lavender Scarlett makes her!” I wink and we both crack up.
Sorry for the terrible story :(
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