Here are a bunch of things that I think are great to have, other than the down-to-earth basic-basics (like a toothbrush, or undies haha). :)


-Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
 This is great mascara at an affordable price.

-Brow tweezer
 Neat brows are essential for a nice face.

 This is a must-have! Vaseline works wonders.

-Bath and Body Works Lotion
 Yummy smelling and moisturizing for skin.

-Aussie Freeze Hairspray
 Keeps your style in place and has a delicious scent.

O2. FOOD ;;

 This is good for acne prone skin, it's hydrating, and has anti-oxidants.

 A good munchy for protein and other healthy stuff.

 Essential for a healthy bod, keeps you going and keeps you looking fresh.

 Helps protect you from the sun, and has lots of vitamins.

 Great for dry skin and hair, yet tastes good mushed into guac with tortilla chips :)


 Looks cute thrown over a top, its warm and comfy, and preppier than a hoodie.

-Tote Bag
 Holds lots of stuff while looking cool.

-Converse shoes
 These sneakers are classics. Looks good with almost any outfit.

-Colored jeans
 After snagging a pair into your closet, your wardrobe will thank you for the boost of trendy-cute pants.


-Cell phone
 Obviously a must-have to communicate with friends.

 Plug into fun tunes--it's uplifting and music rocks :)

 Capture memories with this, or take silly pix with you and your buds.


 Keep track of awesome things that happened. Or let out all your feelings onto paper.

 I write everything in my planner! It organizes your sched to stay on top of things, prioriziting to reduce stress.

 Essential for the girl-on-the-go, or even just trying to get from class to class. Also most watches have alarms to get you up in the morning.


-Crest Whitening Strips
 Handy and easy to get yellow-to-white teeth and glowing smile.

-Secret 24-Hour Deodorant
 Stay fresh and anti-BO. Stinky girlies are not ok.

-Clean&Clear Morning Burst Cleanser
 Wash away dirt and oil for smooth skin. This is easily found at Target or Walmart but works well.

-Tampax Pearl
 Best feminine product for active girls trying to avoid mother nature.


 This is a must. Freshens breath and tastes yummy. And it's just fun to chew on ;))

 Keep lips healthy and shiny.

 Kind of self-explanitory.

-Hand lotion
 Not only does it moisturize skin; it smells great and you can use leftovers on your hair to get rid of flyaways and static.

<3 abi, pinkshadow18
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