So I don't know if you guys heard, but I got top set for today! ♥ It's my second-to-last set, and I'm really proud of it. To show my appreciation for that, I made this set. ^-^ I hope you guys like it! It's not my usual style, but I think it came out quite nicely. 

Eep! Thank you, guys, for all of your support! I love you and appreciate you greatly!

'Cos I'm so happy, I've decided to make an "all about me" set in the next couple days; so stay tuned! ^-^ {I might even post a picture of myself, although that's highly unlikely- lol. I'm too much of a potato.}

@polyvore thank you so much for making that set a top set! c: ♥

Also: @forever-new-york is gone! :'c What? I miss you! Pweez come back! ♥

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