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Choose the first five shows that pop into your head, then answer the questions in another set and then tag ten others (note if you're reading this consider yourself tagged if ya wanna be). Okay, let's see if I get this.

1) Breaking Bad
2) The Walking Dead
3) Lost
4) Fringe
5) Arrested Development. 

1. Who is your favorite person in two? Glenn, an unlikely zombie hunter.

2. Who is your least favorite in one? Ted Beneke, glad he broke his neck (was that rude?).

3. What is your favorite episode of four? Easy answer, The White Tulip, love a miracle even if it's man made.

4. What's your favorite season of five? I think it's the last season, the one with Charlize Theron, much wacky fun.

5. What’s your favourite relationship in three? Charlie and Claire, don't know why... well yeah, do know why, his clumsy chivalry.

6. Who is your anti-relationship in two? Easy, Lori and Shane, icky, icky, icky.

7. How long have you watched one? I started last year with season four and just finished watching them all from the start and can't wait for season five July 15th on AMC.

8. How did you become interested in three? It just looked good, the ads for it so I watched the first episode and got hooked.

9. Who is your favourite actor in four? John Noble as Walter Bishop.

10. Which show do you prefer 1, 2, or 5? One, Breaking Bad kicks ass.

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3? Three, Lost 'cause I've seen them all and it's through.

12. If you could be anyone from four, who would you be? Peter Bishop, very smart and he gets the girl (kind of a Christ complex though).

13. How would you kill off any character in five? Tobias would die from an aliens anal probe. Sorry.

14. Would a 3/4 crossover work? It could, same writers, I think some parallel dream world might make sense, I'd only cross with one or two characters.

15. Pair two characters in one that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple. Jesse and Marie (though Skye would fit his MILF profile).

16. Overall, which show has the better cast, 3 or 5? Such different shows but I'd go with five, Arrested Development.

17. Which has the better theme music, 2 or 4? I think four, Fringe but I dunno, I can't hum either.

So, if you've read this far and wanna do it, you're tagged. Thank you, the Management
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