A total non-Christmas December

So for those living in the US, you know that Christmas is the major holiday. Even if you don't live in the US and live somewere way off, Christmas is still huge.
So since this is a Muslimah Group (it's only hijabi sets), and we don't celebrate Christmas, you have to make the contest without any of the Christmas colors: red, blue, and green. You can make it fancy, or casual, it really doesn't matter, but you can't use ANY of those 3 colors. If you do, I will have to reject the set. It would not be following the contest rules. Good Luck, and I hope i don't have to reject any sets :P ;)

Created by i-m-a-n-o. Created in Hijab Rox. 37 sets from 6 members. Ended 7 years ago.