Saturday, October 30- Pre-Halloween party. Don't dress up quite yet. Tonight we'll watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show so cuddle up with your guy, scream, sing along and throw rice and toast as the old tradition says. Alcohol and low-carb treats will be served. 

I looked into the mirror. My new look. No more pink... less preppy. I knew that at the bottom of his heart, Matt hated Preps. And I wanted to try something new. Before walking out of the door I took a deep breathe. 
I stepped to Matt who waited for me in front of the building. He didn't notice me. 

"Hey", I said.

"Caro?! Sorry, I didn't see you. You look... different."
He didn't say good.
I took his hand and we went to the Show.

"Hello! Come over!", I heard Sloane who winked. Beside her there sat a new girl called Renee. I took the seat next to her after air kissing Sloane. I saw Pippa and Julia and not far away Lottie and Dale. Pip&Jules tried to pretend that the other two weren't there.

"They're best friend", I mumbled into Sloane's ear; "how could that happen?"

She shrugged. "Boys, boys, boys..."

"What are you talking about?", Renee asked curiously so we gossiped a bit more. 

"And who's that?", Renee kept asking and pointed towards someone who was late - Nate.

"Hot, huh?", Sloane asked and threw a glance to me. I didn't answer because I looked into his face. Our eyes met for a short second and then I looked down on the floor. But I'd seen that he was sad. 

"But he's kinda reserved", Sloane continued. 

"For which girl?"

"She sats right next to you." And Sloane told her the whole Miami story. I wanted to stop her but on the other side: Renee would hear it anyways so why not when I was there to say the truth?

Then the show started and I was too busy with screaming and pressing myself against Matt. We drank champagne and I felt myself getting more and more relaxed although I knew that Nate sat right behind me. 

When the show -which had been great by the way- was over, Matt stood up and strechted. 

"I'll get us something to eat", he said. I nodded and started to chat with the girls. 

"Uhm, hey?", Nate said.

"Hello", I tried to smile. "How are you?" Stupid question.

He shrugged. "Busy."

"Oh, I know... Nate..."

"You didn't break up." No question mark in his voice, just an awkward expression on his face.

"Right. Nate, I'm sorry. I didn't want to be so rough to you yesterday, really. It was just..."

"I understand."

"Can we be friends? Like before?"

"Like you pretend that the kiss never happened?" 
I nodded.

"Okay", he grinned. 
I sighed. 

"Sit down?"
We started to talk, but it didn't really feel like before. It was different, but not in a bad way.

"Where's the pink?", he wanted to know.

"Gone. Black is the new pink", I answered.


"It was time for a change, I thought."

"You don't need to change. I like pink", he cheered.

"I just wanted to try something new."

"For you?", Nate asked.

"Of course!", I responded harshly. 

"Sure", he mumbled. "Caro, this isn't you."

"It's a new me."

"You have to know."

"I do."

"Then it's fine. And by the way, these tights are hyper hot", Nate laughed.

"May I distract you?" Matt was back.

"Took a long time to take something to eat", Nate said.

"Good for you, no? You used it", Matt answered and sat down by my side. 

"It'd be better if I go now", Nate meant to me. 


"Bye, new girl", he said with a crooked smile which didn't reach his eyes.

"New girl? What does he mean by that?"

"My new style, I think. How do you like it by the way?"

"I like it. It doesn't look that... girly and preppy. I always asked myself when you'd stop to wear that much pastels", he joked. Okay, I wasn't sure whether this was a real joke or not. 

"Haha", I laughed lamely. I'd to think of Nate's words: You don't need to change.
Obviously, I had to.

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