Name: Jacqueline Terese Hilton
Date for the dance: Alex James Hamilton.
Age of her date: 17
Preparatory that her date comes from: Coldwater Preparatory

Jacequeline was ready for the first dance, she slipped into a metallic dress, and finished put a bit of makeup on, before hearing a knock on her dorm door.

"I'm still naked!" She called, jokingly, knowing that it was her friend Alex. They both loved flirting with each other, but they were still only friends, who took each other to places where dates were mandatory. 

"You have two seconds before I come in." He responded opening the door, not caring much.

She turned around. "I could've been naked." Jacqueline said, kissing him on the cheek.

He rolled his eyes, before covertly checking her out. "And that would've matter because...? " 

She slapped him lightly, before putting on her heels and got her chanel bag. "Come on, dumbass."

They both walked toward the hall, flirting and messing with each other as if they were actually dating.
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