November 2nd – It’s time to scout the best ways to escape the camp. Grab a friendly resistance member or two and casually explore the camp. MANDATORY COLLAB DAY.
♫ | The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go? 
Collab with @the-glamourai

“Do we even have to do this?” Karma asked as we met near Zeus' fist. Lucky for us, no one really visited this area ever since Kampe died here. They all thought it was cursed now. But Karma and I are tough chicks and we don't believe in any of that.

“Yes Karma.” I nodded as I came to a stop in front of the funny-shaped rocks. I gave the place a quick scan and grabbed Karma by the arm, hiding behind some bushes. We were very visible in that area, I realized.

“Ouch, what was that for?” She glared at me, rubbing her arm.

“Sorry.” I muttered. “We were out in the open. I figured that Prometheus must have people scanning the woods frequently.”

“This freaking fist used to be an entrance to that labyrinth. Why is it not working anymore?” Karma demanded, walking towards the rocks and climbing them, trying to find an entrance. No such luck.

“It got destroyed.” I replied automatically. You would think that fellow camp-goers would refrain from sealing all the entrances so that some of us could get out, but no. The only way we could possibly get out was if we went unnoticed by the forest.

Footsteps approached so we scuttled into the woods, hiding behind a huge oak tree. I gave a look at Karma and she scoffed. There were some guards circling the rocks, walking in a line and back to where they came from. They must have heard at least our voices, so they came out and checked. Prometheus had us all under surveillance and they would soon realize that we were missing from near grounds.

“Those who.res,” Karma muttered under her breath. “Only a few days until the quest before I kick their sorry”

I laughed, “Agreed.”

We both waited until Prometheus' guards finished inspecting Zeus's fist. Suddenly, one of them looked exactly in our direction. We both stiffened. Karma pushed me into a giant bush, quickly ducking inside too as the guard appeared near us. He looked around, an ugly grimace painted on his face. Then he turned toward us. Just as he was about to walk over, there was a shout from another guard, diverting his attention away from us. Both Karma and I let out sighs of relief. There was a grunt before he walked away.

“Sh.t, that was close.” She whispered to me.

“Ugh, my knee stings.” I said, shooting Karma a look.

She smirked. “We're equal now.” I sighed, knowing she was right. At least the guard didn't press any further.
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