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This morning, I woke up to the most beautiful sound I think I've ever heard. 

Theo's snoring. Okay, that doesn't sound very pleasant, but to me it was better than bells chiming and birds chripping. His arm was still draped around me and mine around him, our legs tangled.

I smiled and started drawing cirlces on his chest. The snoring stopped and I looked up into those chocolatey eyes of his and my heart melted. A large grin flashed over his face and I leaned up to kiss it. 

After laying around for a few minutes I reminded him we had to get ready for school. Luckily, there was no Snape barging in and giving us detention. He snuck out with a quick kiss and his black hair a mess. 

I got dressed with a large grin. Yes, the world was right again. I forgot about everything that usually bothered me and just thought about mi amore.

I saw my back as I pulled on my shirt. A long white scar ran along it. Most would find it ugly and would be ashamed of it, but I was proud of the mark. It showed that I was brave and managed to escape death twice in a matter of minutes, saving friends along the way.

Coming to the Great Hall that morning was different than yesterday. I didn't have to remind myself who I was. I knew who I was. Tough, carefree, fun and loyal Trace Davis. 

I sat next to Theo and across from Draco. Ella came in still bandaged up. I was proud of her though. She did excellent last night.

A howler came for her. I had to hide my laughter as her dad barked at her and Draco through the letter. 

I had only got a letter about the lake incident from my mother lecturing me about public decency. Like I said before she would. 

Ella acted odd though after drinking from the cup that sat before her. She kept eyeing Theo like he was something to eat.

Class was about to start, so I didn't have a chance to ponder long.

Oi, I swear if they don't stop with the detentions. Luckily it wasn't me this time recieving it. I just sat someone up... *Starts humming*

Well, Mari somehow convinced Hannah and I to join Eddie and her at the Black Lake. Oi.

After stealing Eddie's boxers and Mari stealing Goyle's and Franco's, Eddie stole Mari and my bras. Not cool Eddie. Well those two love birds headed back to the castle after Mari discussed plans for tonight. 

Hannah is joining Mari, Ella, and I on a little trip. Not a lot of information to give right now Diary. I know that we are using Floo to go to Hogsmeade then Borgin and Bourks. 

Well, I shall write more later. I have a feeling something is about to happen and I'm anxious to know what. 

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