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+ Name ❥ : Amelia Von Hugel
+ Nickname ❥ : Lee
+ Age ❥ : 23
+ Hometown ❥ : San Francisco, California
+ Personality ❥ : Outgoing, friendly, boisterous, humorous, cheerful
+ Bio ❥ : Amelia is a girl everyone knows-literally. When she was in high school, she was the star of a reality show on MTV called ‘San Francisco Bay’. It was about the friendships and events going on in her life then. After graduating high school, Amelia moved to Los Angeles to get her fashion degree. She was so popular on MTV, that they offered her a spin off show, called ‘City Dreams’, featuring her new friends and life in LA. Now that she is finished with college, she’s sick of the cameras being around, capturing every minute of her personal life. She quit the reality show and is moving back home. With the support of MTV though, she is now a best-selling author and has her own empire.
+ Education ❥ : Have a degree in Fashion from the California Institute of Design.
+ Job ❥ : Writer, fashion designer. Building my own empire. 
+ Family ❥ : My mom, Michelle (45), is an interior designer. My dad, Dan (46), is a real estate agent. I have two siblings-Brody (25) and Julia (21). 
+ Past/Current Relationship(s) ❥ : Elliot was her boyfriend all throughout high school-even while shooting ‘San Francisco Bay’. They dated for four years until Amelia dumped him. There wasn’t really a reason other than the distance for when she was moving to LA. He was crushed by the breakup and has never really got over it. Lucas is Amelia’s current boyfriend. She met him when she moved to LA. She’s been dating him for two years.
+ Best Friend(s) ❥ : Skylar is Amelia’s best friend since Kindergarten. She was also a part of ‘San Francisco Bay’ and still lives in San Francisco. Marley is Amelia’s other best friend. She met her in LA and was also a part of ‘City Dreams’.
+ Describe what your life has been like the past few years ❥ : I don’t think I’ve lived a normal life these past couple of years. Everyone knows what’s going on in my life. I had no privacy. The cameras were ALWAYS on me. Everyone has seen the ups and downs of my relationships with my boyfriends, family, and friends. Although now I can’t stand the thought of being on TV, I’m grateful for the platform it gave me. Because of the shows, I have my own empire and a best-selling book series.
+ Why are you moving to San Francisco? ❥ : I’m moving back to get my life back to normal. I’m sick of living the LA lifestyle and having no privacy. 
+ Where do you see yourself in ten years? ❥ : I hope to have a successful fashion company. I also hope to be married with a few children.
+ Likes ❥ : Fashion week, vintage clothing, Italian food, traveling, crafts, photography, concerts.
+ Dislikes ❥ : Smokers, Bad drivers, LA traffic, LA people, cameras filming me.
+ Hobbies ❥ : Fashion, fashion, fashion.
+ Favorite Music ❥ : All types. Mostly music I can dance too like Beyonce, Britney Spears…you know the works.
+ Favorite Song at the moment ❥ : “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen
+ Favorite Movies ❥ : The Notebook, Miss Congeniality, A Walk to Remember, 10 Things I Hate About You
+ Favorite Books ❥ : Cosmo magazine
+ Favorite Food ❥ : Anything Italian…pizza, pasta, lasagna-everything that’s bad for me.
+ Favorite Drink ❥ : Mimosas, Water
+ Guilty Pleasures ❥ : Reality TV-not mine though ;) I love The Bachelor and American Idol
+ Role Model(s) ❥ : My parents
+ Favorite Vacation Spot ❥ : Cabo San Lucas
+ Pet Peeves ❥ : When people chew with their mouth open and when men aren’t gentlemen.
+ Style ❥ : Girly/Bohemian. I like wearing girly colors and prints. I LOVE shoes. I love long flowy outfits too.
List all of the models you will be using:
1. Amelia Von Hugel (model-Lauren Conrad)
2. Elliot Cirello, ex-boyfriend (model-Tobias Sorensen)
3. Lucas Washington, boyfriend (model-Liam Hemsworth)
4. Skylar Harrison, best friend (model-Lauren Bosworth)
5. Marley Rowland, best friend (model-Audrina Patridge)
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