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make me beautiful, round two:

I chose Challenge 1: Blogilates!
I was so excited for this challenge, because I really need to get in shape. And the workouts are so fun! I'm definitely going to continue these after the challenge (:
I did 8 of the videos: 3 required, 4 extra credit, and another just for fun!

1. Like Money Apartment Friendly POP Cardio
This exercise was really simple, but such a good work out! It's just a series of lunges while holding a text book above your head. My thighs were burning after about a minute, but it felt soooo good. It also got hard to hold my history book, but I pushed through (; This is one of the workouts that I'm definitely going to integrate into my routine; it's easy, but really helps tone your thighs. Try it out! It's amazing. I did it on Tuesday, and my thighs still kiiiiiilll.

2. What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge
This one was really easy while I was doing it, but my butt is so ridiculously sore. After all the workouts I did, my butt is the most sore of anything. It hurts to sit down, but I love it. All you do is like, lift your butt into the air lol. And I loved the name of the challenge; so clever xD I think I'll put this in my routine too, but I'll have to keep it down to once a week, because I am so. freaking. sore. It's fantastic though, and I'm looking forward to a new, tight booty (;

3. Brokenhearted Ab Challenge
I honestly couldn't do this one how she does it, so I did the modification where you don't roll back all the way. So with that, I just put my legs straight in the air and rotated them out and down. After only a few, I had to start bending my knees slightly, and I actually felt this in my thighs more than my abs. I'm going to keep doing it to see if I can get better at it. Maybe someday I won't need the modification... This one was actually pretty easy, so it'll be in my routine as well. I think it contributed to my crazy sore legs, though!

4. Sleek and Sexy Arms for Beginners
This one KILLED my arms while I was doing it, but afterwards, they actually weren't that sore. This one had a few parts. The first was making small circles with your arms out. It wasn't too bad, but I did have to take a few small breaks to breathe. The next part is just bigger circles, and it was about the same for me as the first. The little praying pulses were pretty hard; I had to take a few breaks for that one. The tricep pushups were hard; I am not a fan of pushups. They weren't impossible though, like regular pushups. For the half cobra pushups, I could only get myself up a few inches, only a few times. That was so hard; I collapsed a few times. I did the tricep dips totally wrong, because I couldn't figure out how to bend my arms right, and it was just bad. I couldn't do the dips with one leg up, and I don't think I even attempted the reverse plank. Like I said, my arms killed during this video, but afterwards, they didn't really. I think I'll continue doing some parts of this workout, but I'll leave out some until I build up strength. I really liked the circles and the pulses, so I'll definitely do those.

5. Waist Slimming POP Pilates to Wings by Little Mix
I had to do both modifications for this one, but I really liked it. The beginning stretches and walk-runs were pretty easy, and then the rolling modification was easy; I didn't really see how it was working me out, but it was fun haha. I also did the modification for the leg reaches, and it was pretty good. I really felt it in my legs, not so much my waist. This workout wasn't too hard, so I'll also add it to my routine (:

6. Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge
I hate my inner thighs, so I'll definitely keep doing this one. It wasn't too hard; even I could do it. It started to hurt after a while, but I could continue without too many little breaks. When you have to cross your legs, my feet kept hitting each other haha. The small circles durng the chorus were harder than the main motion, but I got through them. Definitely adding this to the routine!

7. Psy Gangnam Style Cardio Dance Workout
This one was so much fun! I am a terrible dancer, but I felt so silly and great doing this workout xD It wasn't hard, but I did get out of breath pretty quickly. I think I'll do this maybe once a week, because it is fun, and sort of a reward I guess after a workout, or as a warm up. The dance is a little ard to follow along, but I think I got the hang of it after a while. It's pretty fast paced, so I had to watch the video constantly to make sure I was on the right move!

8. The 100 Workout
Thankfully, this isn't the usual 100 workout, with like 100 jumping jacks and 90 sit ups, etc., or whatever it is. This one is just 10 different small workouts for 10 reps each. I loved this challenge! I could most of the moves with ease, and I felt so accomplished afterwards. I was surprised I could to the roll ups, but they really weren't that hard! The tricep kick n' dip was actually easier than the regular tricep dip from earlier (or maybe I just got stronger c;). I could it without breaks. For the push ups, I bent my knees like she suggested to make it easier, so it wasn't bad at all. The hover jacks were weird at first, but I got the hang of them. They were probably one of the hardest of the set. The grasshopper was pretty hard too; I could barely get my legs up. The double leg lifts were hard, but I could do it if I bent my knees slightly. The star abs were ok, not really hard at all. For the leg outs and the cork screws, my knees were pretty bent :3 I really liked what she said about not giving up because it's hard, beause there's usually something you can do to make it easier. The oblique twists were hard at first, but once I got the hang of them, they were great. Overall, I loved this 100 workout; it's quick and easy, and I think I might try to do it everyday.

Bonus points:
~real picture: 2 points (bottom left corner and top middle-ish)
~picture in workout clothes: 2 points (bottom left, in my workout clothes from Tuesday)
~challenge 1, 4 extra videos: 20 points
~workout playlist: up to 10 points
~body image and pressure to be perfect: up to 10 points

I already have a workout playlist; it's on my YouTube:
I need to add some more songs, though. There are over 20 right now, so I'll just talk about half of them.
1. Katy Perry: Part of Me
This song is really inspiring, and just pumps me up. It's really empowering, and makes me want to prove everyone wrong about everything. This song is good for cardio, because it's fast-paced. I would listen to this song while jogging or lifting weights. It would also be good to do a steady workout for the verses, then spead it up during the chorus.
2. All Time Low: Weightless
This song is a good stretching song, because it starts out kind of slow, and has a lofty, chill vibe, I think. I like this song because it's about not giving up, and wanting to change something about the way you are. Also, "weightless," losing weight... And the lyric "Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year" reminds me to keep going, and gets me pumped to work out.
3. One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful
This one is like a quintessential workout song haha. It goes along with the butt workout video, and it's good for starting out a move slow and then speeding it up for the chorus. This song is inspiring in that it reminds me that I'm beautiful no matter what, even if I'm not totally skinny or toned.
4. Kelly Clarkson: Stronger
This song is really great for working out. It gets me motivated, because "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It makes me want to keep going, because this workout will pay off. This one would be good for the lunges in my first workout, or a steady-to-fast workout.
5. Nicki Minaj: Starships
This song is really good for running or biking- some fast cardio like that. It's just a fun, fast song with a good beat, and you can go crazy during the "high than a motherf----r" part xD It's a good dance song, too.
6. Eminem: Lose Yourself
This a good before-workout song, to get you pumped and ready. It's a good warm up song, for stretching or lightly jogging. Or boxing. This would a great boxing song. This song is about always being ready to fight for what you want, like, in my case, a better body. It's so intense, I love it to get me focused on fitness.
7. Flo Rida ft. Sia: Wild Ones
Again, this is a good song for a slow workout that turns intense in the chorus. I think this would be good with the Wings Waist Slimming workout, or the Drive By Inner Thighs. This song is really uplifting and fun, it just makes me happy (:
8. Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory
This song is crazy inspirational. It makes me feel really powerful, ready to take on the world. I feel like working out puts me on the edge of glory, because I'm just a few workouts away from personal "glory"- strength and a toned body. This song is really good for cardio, especially running.
9. The Black Keys: Lonely Boy
I love the beat of this song, it's just a good workout pace. I think this would be great with the sleek and sexy arm exercises, because they aren't too fast or intense, and neither is this song. They're just a good fit, I don't know. The rhythm of the song is good for working out to.
10. Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder: The Fighter
The PERFECT workout song. Every workout for me is a fight, a fight for and against my body, and against the pain and discouragement when I can't do something. This song reminds me to keep fighting until I achieve my goal. This song also has a great beat, especially for things like crunches, pushups (or in my case, half pushups...), running, or pretty much any other exercise move. Stair-steps would also be great, or this would be a really good song for the 100 workout.
Some other songs on my playlist include: Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia, Where Have You Been by Rihanna, Too Close by Alex Clare, I Feel Better by Gotye, and Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

I definitely have body image issues. For most of my life, I've been really skinny, and could pretty much eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight. Last year though, I started noticing that I wasn't as skinny as I used to be, or as skinny as some of my friends. I have a stomach pooch, my thighs are bigger than I want and they touch in the middle, and I have a muffin top. It's really discouraging when I wear tight shirts and can see my love handles, and I often find myself sucking in when I'm walking. I put a lot of the pressure on myself, but I think society has definitely impacted how I see myself, and how I see perfection. All the models and actresses I see are so skinny, but I think the biggest trigger for me is pictures I see of just regular girls who are that skinny and tan and beautiful, and then my cousins and friends at school are the same way. I just look at them and think they're so so pretty, then I look at myself and I feel gross. At first, I would compare myself to other girls, but right now I just think about me, how I look, not how I look compared to other girls. But those images of other girls are what got me here, y'know? And the media / society is what tells us that these girls are pretty. So it all leads back to the culture we have created. I think that the most important thing should be to be healthy, not to be skinny or gorgeous or anything like that. But it's hard, it's so hard, to not want to be pretty or sexy or stick thin. It's pretty much day-by-day for me. One day, I'll feel really pretty and cute, and that if I just suck in a little, my body is good too. But then other days, I hate my body and my face and my hair, and I just want to hide and cry. I think I'm getting better, though, about feeling good about myself. Still struggling, but also still surviving.

I guess that's it, then. This set is like, my workout / healthy inspiration collage. I know some of the pictures of girls are kind of like thinspo, but to me, I think of them as healthy, I guess. I don't know. This collage is just who I want to be: a happy, healthy, pretty, confident girl.

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