As all of the tributes walked into the training room, my eyes automatically went to the targets set up for archery practice. I smiled slightly, and grabbed an arrow out of my quiver. Oh yeah, and what I forgot to mention, me [being the stubborn person that I am], refused to train unless I was allowed to use my own bow and arrows. I aimed at one of the targets, and let go. My arrow hit the target dead center. The eyes of the other tributes and even the judges eyes were all diverted directly at me. “Well, then. Let the training begin!,” one of the judges announced. 
When I walked over to the target, I pulled my arrow out and put in back in my quiver. As I started walking away, an axe was thrown at the target nearest me. I turned my gaze sharply to see who the guilty culprit was, and I saw one of the other tributes smirking at me. “Don‘t think you‘re the only one with a good aim,” she said with an annoying voice. I rolled my eyes at her ignorance and started to walk off. “Don‘t just walk away from me when I‘m talking to you!,” she shrieked as I continued to walk away. 
After I practiced my climbing skills, I decided that I was going to try to toss a bolder. Even though I have pretty good upper body strength to be a girl, I couldn’t quite pick the bolder up. I groaned in irritation, and decided to go back over to the targets and practice my knife throwing skills. When I got to the targets, I threw my knife and hit the target dead center once again. I smiled slightly, and took out my axe to practice with it for a while. I moved to the target beside the one I was just using, and threw my axe as hard as I could. To my surprise, and apparently the surprise of the judges and other tributes, the target broke in two. It split right down the middle. “Whoa!,” I heard one of the other tributes say aloud. “Did you see that?!,” whispered a few of the astonished judges. Without turning to face any of them, I walked up to both of the targets I had used and retrieved my knife and axe. 
“Humph! You‘re not the best one here you know! Other people here can do that too! And look at your bow! Where did you get that thing? From an eighty year old man?,” came that same annoying voice from earlier. I turned around and faced her, and got close to her face so she could see the fire in my eyes as I replied, “I didn‘t say I was the best, sweetheart. You just did. And as a matter of fact, this bow and arrows belonged to my grandfather, Red Crow. You know, the one who beat your grandfather in the Polyvore Games all those years ago.” “You think you‘re all that just because you can hit a target, well I can too! And just because your grandfather was a mediocre archer, doesn’t mean that you’re the best. Watch this,” she said as she got a bow and arrow from the rack. She took aim at the target I just retrieved my knife from, and her arrow hit a little high. I turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow, and she glared at me. “That was just my practice shot. Here, I‘ll show you what I can really do,” she said as she took aim again. This time, she hit the bulls eye in the center. “Beat that!,” she spat as she put her hand on her hip. I rolled my eyes, and walked past her, and she turned and yelled, “Where‘re you going, chicken? Are you scared I‘m going to show you and your so called “great archer” of a grandfather up?!” I continued to walked for about fifty more feet, which was over double the distance she shot from, and took my stance. I aimed my arrow, and let it go. My arrow hit her arrow straight through the middle, and like in the movies, her arrow fell to the ground broken in two pieces. She looked at me with wide eyes, and then I heard clapping. I averted my attention to where the noise was coming from, and saw all of the judges staring down at me with curious and wide eyes. “Who showed who up, now girlie? And to think, your arrows were supposed to be better than mine. Oh, and next time, it won‘t be just your pride that gets hurt when you talk about my Grandfather’s bow and arrows.” I told the annoying girl as I walked past her to get my arrow out of the target. She just stood there speechless as I walked by her again. 
So by the end of training, the judges told me that I excelled in my archery skills, using my knife and axe, and that I will do really well considering my speed. Even though the judges didn’t say so, I need to work on my strength more. By the end of training, I could just barely pick the huge bolder up off the ground, but I plan on being able to pick the huge rock up before the Polyvore Games officially starts.

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