District 1
Female: Kiera Moore (18)
Male: Dylan O'Conner (16)
**Kiera’s POV**

When the Chariot Ride is over, Me, Dylan, Marcus (Dylan’s mentor), Monique, Delta and Mika sits down by the open fireplace in the living room. All anyone is talking about is District 12’s female tribute, Lucy Lauren-Snow, who turns out to be President Snow’s granddaughter.

“She doesn't stand a chance! Think about how much the outline districts hate President Snow and the famous the one that kills his granddaughter would be. She will probably be one of the first to die.” Monique states.

“And I will be the one to kill her!” Dylan stands up and shouts, cheered on by the others.

“I’m not that confident about her low odds of survival. If she would get into trouble, Snow could easily pull some strings to get her sponsors, which makes Lucy a good candidate to be an ally.” It’s the last I say before I get to bed thinking about tomorrow and first day of the Training.
After a good night sleep I get up a little later then I had planned, but I still have time to get dressed, eat some breakfast, have a quick talk with Monique and only have to walk fast to the training room. After eating breakfast alone, I put on my training clothes and put my hair up in a ponytail and I’m ready to meet up with Monique. As I walk by Dylan’s room, I stop and bang a couple of times on his door, but all I get is swearing.

“Dylan, it’s Kiera, I’m leaving now and if you don’t hurry, you’ll end up late.” I yell though the closed door, and then go to the living room and sits down next to Monique and Delta.

“Good morning, Kiera, are you ready to kick some as?” I nod in response to Monique’s question, still wondering what takes Dylan so long. “Good. According to your file from the academy, your specialty is long-distance weapons, that you have been practicing gymnastics for 4 years. I can also see that you're a great leader, but that people have complained that you tends to be a bit bossy. You're like to hunt from treetops, and other high points, and you don't have any problems with waiting for your targets. You also have a tendency to over-think things and not really spontaneous.

“I'm aware of those things, but I've try to do my best in all things I do. I prefer the Bow and Arrow and Throwing Knives, but I’m okay with the short-distance weapons, I’m just stronger at a distance.”

“That’s good. Now, during these next days, don’t hesitate to… show of, since that’s what they pretty much accept of you. What is your strategies?

“I was thinking about ignoring the survival stations since I’m pretty well-trained with that. Instead, I was thinking about using the most of the time in the fighting zone. That should make them think I’m arrogant.”

“That is a great idea, Kiera, but that could also mean that you could end up without allies. It’s a risky game, but I’ll leave the decision to you. Now you better hurry so you won’t be late.”

I hesitate for a second since I don’t want Dylan to be late, but when I hear him talking to Marcus, I run throughout the housing-building, across the “Snow Garden” with the white roses and through the entrance of “Hercules-Plaza” where the training is held. Almost everyone is already there, but no sight of Dylan. Before we start, I take the time observing the other tributes and notice a few with potential. That male tribute from District 5 is tall and has a lot of muscles, but then there is the female from District 11, she seems to be pretty strong, too.

Just as we’re about to start, Dylan steps into the room, dressed like a Gladiator! Great, now they going to think we’re crazy. But before I get a chance to scold him, our trainer (Atala) tells us to gather around her, then starts telling us the rules and end with giving us the advice to not ignore the survival training and that Exposure can kill as easily as a knife.

When Atala’s done talking, Dylan and I do the four mandatory parts and then both Dylan and I stay in the fighting area. I fight a few rounds with him, he with a sword, and me with two Hunting knives. Thanks to my flexibility and gymnastic-skills, I put up a good fight but in the end, I only win two of five rounds. After that I leave for some target-practice, while Dylan stays in the same station.

It doesn't take long before several of the tributes starts to complain about Dylan hogging his station, but the trainers lets it slid. As he finishes the round with the young boy from District 11 (Miguel), who loses in a humiliating way, which makes Miguel very angry.

"Why don't you stop being a jerk and let the rest of us fight who ever we want." Miguel yells and pushes Dylan, who answers by shoving the young boy to the floor and holds the sword near his throat.

"You better behave, young man, or I might end you right here and now." Dylan says before he's ordered to step away from the boy, and to keep the fighting in the arena. I'm just trying to seem arrogant, while Dylan just prove that he's not faking his arrogance.
After three days of training and observing, it's time for the Private Session with the Game Makers. All the tributes are sitting outside in a corridor outside the room where the Game Makers are.

Both me and Dylan is sitting in the far end from the room, so when Dylan's name is called, he walks... no, struts past the other, causing lot of talk between the others and 10 minutes later it's my turn.

"Good luck." The girl from District 12 (Lucy, President Snow's granddaughter) says with a friendly smile. The boy next to her, probably her district partner, pokes her and looks angry at her. I return her smile and gives her a nod, then continue to walk into the Game Makers room and stops when I'm standing before them.

"State your name and district." Is called out from the speakers.

"Keira Moore, District 1." I says, then picks up a bow and few arrows, and goes to the target practice area. I shot a few arrows on the moving targets, hitting the Bulls Eye close to every time (one I hit slightly to the left), then I do the same with the throwing knives, and this time I get a perfect score.

I finish with shooting two arrows from 100 feet away, hitting close to Bull's Eye, again. I can see that the Game Makers seems impressed. I make a small bow, then walks out the room and heads for dinner with Dylan and the others.
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District 1: Kiera Moore, 18 (@nightdragon)
District 2: Salem Hunt, 18 (@hanpalf)
District 3: Ariette Eaves, 12 (@ap-lever)
District 4: Forrest Novak, 16 (@tophat-95)
District 5: N/A
District 6: Zoe Chandler, 15 (@dreamer4lifexx)
District 7: Aubrey Hetching-Leradd, 17 (@sheisnotonfire)
District 8: Charlene Whipple, 18 (@princessbrievel)
District 9: Poppy Acacia Clark, 16 (@hungergamestintin1d)
District 10: Nora Cleaver (@teenroyalty)
District 11: Lilly Ecclestion, 17 (@totallylost13)
District 12: Lucy Lauren-Snow, 16 (@megan-j-loves-you)
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