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  • Get High Now (Without Drugs) By James Nestor
    Calm and stimulate your sense with Get High Now, an illustrated paperback filled with more than 175 ways to alter human perception and consciousness without drugs or alcohol! Culled from science, physiology, spiritual practices and the audio/visual arts, these natural highs explore the mind-body connection safely. Check out lucid dreaming, optical and auditory illusions, controlled breathing, meditation, time compression, physical and mental exercises and more. Learn how to lull the mind into hallucinatory states with audio loops; why multiple bee stings lead to euphoric states; what cheeses to eat to induce psychedelic lucid dreams even how to control your breathing to create an out-of-body experience! Published by Chronicle Books.
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  • Humans Of New York By Brandon Stanton
    A hardcover book based on the Humans of New York blog, filled with a beautiful, heartfelt, funny and inspiring collection of 400 full-color photos as well as stories that capture the spirit of the city. Complete with exclusive portraits and all-new profiles, Humans of New York is a surprising, moving, inspiring and heartfelt celebration of individuality and a tribute to the spirit of the greatest city on Earth. Published by St. Martin's Press.
  • It By Alexa Chung
    A hardcover book of inspirations and ideas from Alexa Chung, including bits of her personal writing, drawings and photographs. Learn all about her thoughts on life, love, music and fashion even how she decides what to wear in the morning! Filled with full-color images and refreshingly down-to-earth attitude. Published by Penguin.