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Today the collection Travel the world: Brazil!
Brazil is a very beautiful country, with its tropical climate and its modern cities, beaches, and warm people.
And one of the models that most stands out in the fashion world is Brazilian Gisele Bündchen yes to!
In recent years, Brazilian fashion won the world. The colors, the boldness and diversity of products produced in the country reflect cultural traditions and lifestyle of a multiracial nation, rich in raw materials that stimulate the creativity of designers and stylists such as fibers, gemstones, metal, lace and leather. Brazilian fashion combines high technology and strict quality controls to an industry that is modernizing rapidly and sustainably.
some users of the Brazilian polyvore: @marjoriecoutinho @cherry-directioner @lisssparks @juuh @dosesdemontilla @natys2 @angelicallxx

and many other (congratulations girls)

I hope you enjoy! thank you all and stay tuned to other Countries / states of this collection, if you ask a country, send me a message! (My template)
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