I am Trayvon Martin. I died at 17. my
last screams & cries wasn't enough to
save me. all I had was some skittles & a
drink. I did nothing wrong, so why did
this man murder me? he called me
suspicious & pulled out a gun. aimed it at
me & fired. "BOOM!" I fell to my knees
& hit the ground. as I took my last
breath, my motionless body laid there
drowning in a puddle of blood. he
... claimed he was the vi...ctim. he said it
was self-defense. he said I was the
aggressor, but he was the one who
attacked me. he took my life & has no
regret. he walks free & now I'm in a
casket, it's not fair.. I was only 17 with a
pack of skittles & a drink, so please tell
me why this man had to murder me?
Justice for Trayvon Martin ♥
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