Color me America by Dolly Parton 

4th. Celebrate Fourth of July with a free concert by the Boston Pops at the Esplanade on the Charles River. Then watch the fireworks at night. This is a televised event, so you may end up on National tv.

 “You have a pen,.is on your head" I told Xavier as he walked into Mona's Tiny house 

"Look at you wearing a Betsey Ross flag” He Cracked 
“You know I always dressed up for holidays” I told him 
“Yeah but I like the sexy elf better and so does Jaden” he expressed 
“You realize he’s going to be the only straight guy with us today we need another straight guy in the group” I gushed 
“Once I’m through with him he won’t be straight no more” he winked
“Oh please Jaden likes holes and you know it” I quipped 
“He like your holes I know that” He punned and I hit him “What about your co workers who have been working with them and you seem pretty friendly with them why didn’t you invite them?” he asked 
“Well because that’s work and when work and social life come together it’s awkward” I explained
“Yeah but how else am I going to see this Doctor Jefferson you keep going on about. If you talk about him this much he could be the one” Xaiver informed me
“But he doesn’t even-“ Xavier cut me off
“Okay I’m going to tell you a guy secret now Guys love it when a girl makes the first move, some guys are to scared because they fear the girl is out of their league” He articulated
“You just want to meet him” I could see right through him. 
“Okay a bit and the sexy FBi agent” he admitted as Mona came in the room.
“Get that peni.s off your head X and close the door Sere” She ordered placing cookies on the coffee table she works so hard I stayed over and helped her cook everything and this year for the games at the Esplanade on the Charles River, she put so much into it and Erica wins we all let her win the one year jaden won Mona beat him till I saw blood coming out of his arm. Erica’s birthday was coming and that was huge to Mona she went all out this year she even had Jaden pull some strings to get the most awesome party ever. Erica has only been to preschool but she’s very popular. She always says I’m her best friend which is adorable but not true because she has a clear best friend and her name is Sabrina and she is adorable also they are adorable together. But I do think that she’s jealous of Erica but she’s in beauty pageants so I don’t know how long that sweet girl is going to last. Erica is so talented it scares us sometimes. Mona just hopes that Erica doesn’t want to be in the pageants because Mona is so competitive. 
“Call Jaden and Max they should be here by now” Mona complained from the kitchen 
I called Jaden and he picked up about the third ring “Hi Miss USA” 
“Where are you Captain America?” I asked 
“Sounds like foreplay to me” Xaiver teased 
“Shut up” I told him my hand over the hearing part of the phone 
“Mona mad?” He asked 
I moved my hand out of the way “Extremely” I remarked 
“Well we’re on our way Max needed to change five times and my bar is getting crazy with people you’re lucky I’m coming to this” He resorted
“You’re family Jaden, we couldn’t have our family fourth of july dinner in your bar” I exclaimed 
“And then to the concert and then the fireworks, shows picture perfect” He remarked sarcastically 
“Shut up if you get through this we’ll pick up on Miss USA and Captain America later” I volunteered
“God bless America so I can bang Miss USA” He sang horribly I laughed 
“You’re silly just be here Erica misses us all together” 
“I’m outside come greet me Max is thrilled” 
I opened the door and sure enough there was Max in an uncle sam costume but without the beard. And then Jaden looking hot wearing a captain America shirt, the only time Jaden tries is on Halloween the rest he could show up naked and wouldn’t care
Max smiled at me and hugged me as he got in “girl you look great I love your eye make-up” He gushed 
“It took me forever” I told him letting go of me hugging Xavier you would think they would get together but no it’s more of a Star Wars mentor thing. 
I looked at jaden he was checking me out. “Wow you are Miss USA” he echoed 
“And you’re Captain America” I pointed to his shirt. 
He leaned down and kissed me on the lips he meant it to be quick but I kissed him back and grabbed his shirt. And it wasn’t long till I heard cat calls behind us. And just when he deepened the kiss I pulled away “That’s what’s waiting for you at the end of day” I flirted 
“Well I’ll be a good boy” he promised and winked 
We were out in the backyard the table was set I was BBQing Jaden was trying to steal my job. Erica was playing with Max and Xaiver she was wearing a dress similar to mine but she had a had and I did her makeup it looked great. “Why didn’t you invite Silas and his sister?” Jaden asked me 
“They go home to be with their family” I explained
“And why aren’t you?” Jaden asked
“You are family” I told them 
“Aunt Serenity Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” She asked me walking up to me 
“Because I’m not ready for one” I told her
“Well you and Jaden seem like you’re going to get married and I’ll…. then I’ll have another person to play with” Jaden’s and my eyes went wide but Xaiver and Max just had amused faces 
“Well….” Jaden started “Serenity is….cookie dough” he quoted from buffy I looked at him 
“Seriously the buffy reference” I whispered into his ear 
“Yeah She’s not done baking she’s just cookie dough and so am I and we can’t get married till we’re cookies” he explained. Nice. I thought 
“Okay I get it” She nodded “I just wish I can another friend Sabrina is always gone and I have no one” 
“You have me” I told her “You always have me” I promised her and she smiled 
“I need a pool” Mona told me later as we were putting all the food on the table 
“Fourth of July Parties have pools and water I need one how much are they”
“You’re fine it’s very classy you doing this a very classy fun fourth of july” 
She looked at her plastic plates “Classy huh?” 
As we were eating we went into casual conversation about work, well not mine but mostly Erica about her birthday. 
“I want it at Aunt Serenity’s! “ she complained to her mother and I just sat there frozen my land lord would kill me, the girls hate me enough image 30 screaming kids in my apartment only crap 30 kids around my precious furniture my expensive objects broken, my kitchen a mess. 
“How about we go to the Boston Institute in the Egyptian part of the museum it’s really cool and I think I could pull it off” if I beg….
“No I want the Victorian age part” That wasn’t even out yet Erica got everything she wanted from me how could I resist we can’t have the party at jaden’s bar we can’t have it at Xavier’s theater Max’s school so of course he has to be at my work. 
“Can I talk to you a minute” Mona stood up from the table and I joined her back in the house “Can you do it?” she asked
“I don’t know I just started working there and I don’t want to take advantage of Nick we just entered first name field here”
“The party is the 21 of September please tell me by the 10” She said and we went back to the table 
We made it to the Esplanade on the Charles River. It was beautiful we did the games Erica won of course and she got her prices, the games were fun as always. 
I laid down the picnic blanket and that’s when Jaden grabbed my ass “Hey” I protested “They’re children here” 
“I’m horny” he told me 
“Well what’s new?” I looked up to him 
“Can we do something naughty for our country in the car” he wiggled his eyebrows 
“You’re sick” I laughed 
“Come on what’s the problem?”

“I don’t want to be your cheap sl.ut not in front of my god daughter she already has seen too much” I informed him 
“You’re not cheap in fact you’re my number one” I hated hearing that

“I’m your number one wh.ore Jaden I sleep with you and it’s great you rock and I don’t want a relationship but I not going be to give it up whenever you get horny” I told him we were in a public place there were families why couldn’t he just wait till we got back to his place 
“So whenever you get it up we do it but when I get it up you just let it slip that’s not fair”
“We’re in public” I gestured around us 
“Then let’s go somewhere private” I suppose he was right but where in this place can you be alone that’s not in his car. 
Jaden of course found a place under the hatch stage was a private place I walked under there it reminded me of the man who cried movie with Johnny Depp 
“Okay you know the thrill no messing up the hair or the makeup besides the lips” I reminded him 
“And you know the thrill and you can do anything” he teased me then he went into character as Captain America and it knew he had a boner and he just wanted to try out our new game. 
“So it’s you who I read in the papers you are a hero to your country” I touched his shoulder 
“And you Miss USA you’re very much hero also” Jaden put his hands on my hips 
I cupped his face “Well we both want world peace” I smiled and he kissed me, everything with jaden was amazing the sex the kissing the oral. And he’s one of the only people that can please me in bed, Silas one of them, Katie was one of them, Zoey was nice and sweet. 
I kissed him back running my hands under his shirt as he ran his hands under my shirt into my red lacy underwear I was soaked for him as much as I didn’t want to admit it the fact that we were doing it in this secret place turned me on, yes I was a sl.ut wasn’t I but I didn’t care you can take your proper classy sh!t and shove it up your tight bleached ass hole! I’m a Boston girl born and raised I see someone I like I show them I don’t tease. I don’t refuse to see them through if I want them, they’ll know. 
After Jaden and I finished being horny teenagers. We returned Erica missed us and everyone else was just rolling their eyes 
“We have a great family” Erica smiled and came to sit on my lap 
“Yeah we do” I smiled down at her and she was right we did. 
Max and Xavier together, they’re gay yes but that doesn’t mean they’re together Xavier is way to old for max at least that’s what I think plus Xavier is womanizer and max has a boyfriend but it won’t tell anyone but me but with Max and Xavier together they are just to funny, Max is proper and doesn’t to get sexual about anything in a conversation then you have Xavier with his smutty mind, it’s so funny Xavier could be like “BUT SEX” and Max with be uncomfortable he’s very private. 
Mona and Xavier are very close every since I introduce them they just two peas in a pod. Everyone kind of hates Jaden he’s just hateable because of his womanizing ways. 
Max and I are really close he treats me like a sister. He tells me everything and I tell him everything he just wishes that his brother would stop saying I’m his number one and say I’m his only one and that is going personal Jaden and I work it’s not perfect but works. I don’t think I’m going to have that relationship again it’s like the notebook you only get one. I’m Noah those parts are broken. 
Erica is what brings us together. One odd family like the Addams family. 
But that night was amazing the concert the picnic, as weird as we are we’re family, we were abandoned and betrayed, and all these damaged adults are going to raise Erica and give her everything we didn’t get in life.
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