Arrr, me matey, what do I see...but Captain Jack and my Johnny Depp have sailed away from ye.
They have sailed away from us pirate women, more than sail, they fleed !
And when my blast of fury was expelled, the seas trembled, and @gemtee @dona-victoria and @gailwind, tumbled into the seas.
I strung @gailwind up on a pole, her hands would not give up the crystal ball, the ball that @gemtee says tells all.
And yet, that airship ye have, still floats above yea angering me even more, for I huff and I puff,and cannot get it to blow away.
 As you can see, @charlotte007 has gone away, fretting for Uncle Clem you hanged today.
Yea are wicked vixens that taunt and tease, even Captain Jack and Johnny said away we be.
@queenofthegypsies has her monkey and is as happy as can be and that @lastchance is teasing you with pink panties.
Your move , that's right, I am enjoying this @gailwind refuses to beg for mercy and her mates @dona-victoria and @gemtee, float at your feet in misery.
Your move, MAKE MY DAY
I am, and always will be, the Queen on the seas
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