Set 15
@gemtee @gailwind @dona-victoria , we shall meet ye soon, but for now, alas...we are hunched in our quarters enjoying some ale.
My Johnny Depp may be with you, but as you can see, he lusts for me.
@lastchance is helping us make plans...she and @queenofthegypsies are making plans while I stir up me magic to signal my jeweled skull to come to me, come to me.
Beware, your fate is soon to come in my hands, my wrath is great, you shall see and beg for mercy!
Who is that I see, lifting his ale to us in a toast..why, it's @skorps, me darling, we toast back to yea.
The sea is wicked, the sea loves me...I own the seas, I want Johnny Depp, I want it all...the treasure, the map, the Jeweled Skull...and perhaps I shall take @skorps too, teeeeeheeeee....all this shall soon be where it is meant to be
With me...the wicked powerful queen of the seas
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