Now that the Thanksgiving dishes are finally washed and put away, block off time to indulge in the sweet fragrances of the holiday season. 

If cranberries make your cringe, why not "holiday up" your home spa day with the aromas of pumpkin pie with its buttery crusty and sweet vanilla whipped cream? Try some beauty products (from cruelty-free retailers) that include natural oils, juices or scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla--all calorie free! 

Take a luxurious bath or long hot shower, then wrap yourself in a super-plush polyester robe, slide on soothing soft slippers and put your feet up while you read a book, chat with friends or listen to music. You can even mix up and sip a festive little "pumpkin pie" cocktail (sorry--this one has some calories in it!).

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