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Congrats to EXO once more for winning big award (daesung) @Seoul Music Awards last night.
just found out EXO had all kill for big 4 daesung this year.and maximum from the record since K-Artist ever received i am so happy to the boys~

- Let out the beast: *Kai is hot*

- Encore+Ending:

Even i'm in Seoul but can't join this show,my friend Stephanie ,my cousin who are EXO's fans and my jerk brother they had joined.sometimes i feel like my entries family is EXO supporting they're look so fun together.since i'm not join this show it's okay for me since i made myself living in Seoul nothing matter haha<3

I've plan it such a long time since wolf,growl had passed i am skip to made "tree of life" set actually the posed obviously had cool vibe i really like the idea i never see it before sth like this,unless Chinese fan dancing,my non-kpop friend ever said to me EXO tree of life look similar to Indian running dancing around the trees so you got it what i mean?
their work with hands like this too.

Btw..don't you think Kai's smile is very pretty ,truly smile he could have ,i am falling for him once again ~ *keke*

*picture is from their live last night
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