The Trends At My School

Everyone should do this. And everyone make one!
--credit to: @crystalcovecouture (me) and anyone else who has ever done it.
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Wrote two years ago
omg these clothes are so on point, when i used to go to school i tried to dress differently from this because EVERYONE had them, and if I wore something totally different from that girls used to be like you look so weird your not dressed like us and then the next day or two they would wear the same thing i wore lol

Wrote two years ago
@crystalcovecouture Np, and yeah like girls in my school can wear shorts that hardly cover their butt lol but I get in trouble when I wear a tank with thin straps. I honestly don't get it!

Wrote two years ago
@crystalcovecouture Well, at least some people (like you and I) dress decently! lol! Sometimes I wonder why some girls don't get sent home or something, their clothes can be ridiculous!

Wrote two years ago
@crystalcovecouture Yeah, but the kids in my school are still 12 and wear tight little yoga pants and see-through shirts! I'm ashamed heeehee! :P

Wrote two years ago
@crystalcovecouture Alright, thx! My school is REALLY unfashionable though hahaha

Wrote two years ago
This is a cool idea! Can I make a collection like this?
And yeah omg im so tired of seeing sweat pants, yoga pants, and Victorias secret hoodies at my school! ♥


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