Trendsetter Stylzes

Trendsetter Stylzes
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Hey all welcome to my new group, a group I found while browsing my groups page and made a mistake and press something and saw that I became a moderator and was like how did that happen, so I took the liberty to take over since there was no moderator, and I've changed the name as well, I've always wanted to start a group anyways so this gave me that push to stop procrastinating and go for it. This group is going to be OUTFIT ONLY, UNLESS SPECIFIED where we will have fun and exciting contest, and anyone can join.
>No Doll Sets
>No Templates
>No Magazines
>Props, Fillers
>Frames Etc. should be used when specified for a
Very Important When Judging:
>If Guidelines have been followed.
>If Contest rules have been met
>If Sets are Clean & Neat.
>If Messy & Cluttered(they will be rejected).
If you have any questions or concerns or a contest idea please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always looking for new ideas, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for the support of the last moderator and her group. I don't know what happen I tried to reach out to her before I went forward with this but she was unreachable.
I hope you all support me in this new group venture and I thank you all so much for your time, I really would appreciate it!:))
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