|| Trenton James Hardin ||

Full Name; Trenton Andrew Hardin
Nicknames; Tren
Age; 15
P.O.B; New York City, U.S.A
Detailed Biography;
Trenton has spent his entire life moving from one place to another, so he had no real home. His parents had been divorced ever since he was born (and his father is re-married) so Trenton has to constantly switch homes every two weeks and he longed to find something that could help him relax and ease his mind. This is when he discovered music. He started to take singing lessons, as well as gutiar. He'd spend hours locked away practicing until one day, he decided to expand his hobby and make it his career. He started by covering songs on YouTube, then writing a few of his own. His father, who owns a record label company, helped Trenton with his career as much as he can and his mom supports him through all of it.
Bennett Hardin | Father | Owns a record label.
Aba Hardin | Mother | Lawyer
Emily Hardin | Half sister
Jacob Hardin | Half brother
Personality; Trenton is always happy, trying to see the good in everything. But he does have a shy side, and is very bashful.
Likes: Music, gymnastics, photography, reading, poetry.
Dislikes: Being alone, seeing people being mistreated, drugs, smoking.

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can trenton and one of my charrie's date or have a fling ? xx btw im peaceluv24 .

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