Story & Bio done!

Olivia Cobble 
age; 23 
likes; likes; ornithology, umbrellas, top hats, vests, sugar daddies, intimidation, control, money 
dislikes; being overweight, rejection, being an outcast, humiliation, her family especially her siblings, being ignored
bio; As a child, Olivia was taunted and teased for being overweight and having a pointy nose almost bird-like. The Cobble family excluded her from most social events and gatherings saying she was sick or with some relative. In her lonely times she loved making artifacts for her entertainment or ‘gadgets’ as she used to call them. Being an outcast all her life made Olivia despise others and intimidate them with her gadgets. Soon Olivia found out she control others by fear. When she was 13, her mother hired a personal cook and a personal trainer. Soon after, Olivia Cobble was no longer overweight but a dazzling young woman with only one problem –the nose-. After begging for years, Olivia finally got her wish. As a birthday present on her 18th birthday, Olivia got a rhinoplasty and burned every household picture of her before the operation. Olivia being an ambitious young woman who craved being loved and getting attention was having a blast with her new beauty. However, as the years went by, her family lost their fortune and found themselves bankrupt. Olivia is vane and she wasn’t going to start asking for help. What did the girl do? She uses what she’s got –her beauty and brains- in order to get by.
model; Miranda Kerr
based on; The Penguin
taken; @tania-l

top 3;
1. Olivia Cobble
2. Elizabeth Nashton
3. Sofia Black



Olivia Cobble was once again stuck in her room while her parents hosted their annual BBQ for their company. Their excuse ‘she was under the weather’. Olivia knew her parents were ashamed of her looks and what was worse they didn’t try to hide it from her. She looked around her room and she felt glad she wasn’t really alone. Her African Grey Gypsy was eating in her cage while Cobbie the canary was flying around her room. Olivia loved her birds, she considered them her babies. And she felt at peace when she was with Gypsy and Cobbie. 

She was trying to add some feathers to her new umbrella when her big sister Amber came in. “Yes?” Olivia asked surprised Amber had entered her room. “We’re playing hide and seek. So I thought ‘Where in the whole house would be the best place to hide?’ And then I thought of you! No one will find me here.” She said triumphantly. Olivia felt like her head was going to explode. She was tired of her perfect big sister always humiliating her. “Get out!” Olivia said loudly. “What?” Amber asked surprised that Olivia had spoken. “GET OUT!” Olivia screamed as she threw her new umbrella at her sister. Amber screamed and rushed through the door. Olivia was still furious, but knowing that she would get payback relaxed her a bit.

{Present Day}

 “Olive” Andrew said with affection as he sat down at the table. “Andy” Olivia said smiling as he kissed both of my cheeks. “I ordered for us in advance since I know your favorite and you’re always so busy”, Olivia battered her eyelashes seductively at him. “You are amazing” He said placing his hand over hers. “I know”, she blushed and looked away.

The waiter came by with their drinks as Andrew and Olivia did some catching up. “I’m so glad you called me”, she said after finishing her drink. 

“I have some business in town and I thought who better company rather than Olivia Cobble herself?” He smiled brightly. “I’m glad to be at your service” She smiled politely as he placed his hand on her leg. Tonight would be fun for Olivia, but the morning would be even better when he left her place early and in his place he would leave a pile of money.

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