I actually did these nails on myself a few days ago, and I love them sooo much! I got a TON of compliments on them. 

These nails may seem pretty difficult, but they're really not! The most important thing is patience and a steady hand, so take your time when trying this out :) If you mess up, don't get frustrated, just try it again! This is a very time consuming nail design, so make sure you have enough time to take your time and be really careful :D

*You can do this look with any colors you like. But so it's easier for you to understand, I'll stick with the colors in the picture

1. Paint all nails with the background color (in the picture it's a darker, purpleish blue.) Let dry COMPLETELY before moving on.

2. Paint a line (just use the brush that came with the color, it should be the right thickness) above the bottom of your nail (in the picture this is the red stripe). This doesn't have to be PERFECT because we're going to go back over it, but still be careful. 

3. Make a line the same thickness just below the top of your nail (in the picture this is the teal stripe). Let your entire nail dry COMPLETELY before moving on.

4. Start with the black designs. You will need to make really thin lines- so there's two options that I would suggest:
-Dip a toothpick or very fine paintbrush in black polish, or
-use Sally Hansen Nail Art pens. they are a little pricey, but SO worth it! They work pretty well and if you get black and while colors, you can really use them all the time.

Anyways, start drawing the black lines very carefully. Draw one line on the very bottom edge of the red stripe, then draw diagonal lines coming down from it. Then add little dashes right below the teal stripe. On the top of the teal stripe, draw two lines and do zig-zags in between them (this will look like little triangles). It really helps to look at the picture to draw these. Let dry COMPLETELY before moving on.

5. Now add the white designs, using the same kind of technique as above (either the pen or the toothpick/small brush). Add small dots on top of the red stripe, a line on top of the red stripe, and a line on the very top of the black zig-zag part. Let dry COMPLETELY before moving on.

6. Topcoat! This is SUPER important. Add a layer of topcoat to seal in the design (especially if you used the Sally Hansen pens, or else the lines will wash off!), add shine, and make it last longer. If you really want your design to last long, I suggest adding another layer of topcoat to the tips of your nails every couple days, to avoid chipping. 

7. Once that's dry, just use a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, and remove any excess nail polish that got on your skin. 

Now enjoy your beautiful nails! I hope you get lots of compliments on them like I did :)
-Emma @sparksfly-emma
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