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Friends, a word with so much meaning.
The world of the Internet has granted me a world of friends.
Do not stay away long, do come to see me, you know where I am.
Not over there , or that place, but here, over on Polyvore land.
I love my friends everywhere.
This set is dedicated to all whose path has crossed mine since 1997 in this fascinating Internet Galaxy, where I have been surfing and will continue surfing enjoying friends from all lands.
Gathering friends as the universe gathers the stars above.
Together my friends, we just may find world peace.
One never knows how powerful the word friend is, till one can reach out and comfort and smile and laugh with other friends without touching the ground in their lands.
The world is at our fingertips, grasp it and enjoy.
Hugs to everyone, I have a huge smile on my face, because of my friends.
Best wishes and a hug..and gee, while here, a kiss or too, teeheeee, your friend,
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