On the tribute train

“Come on now! I’ve got to show you your rooms!” Kami exclaimed in excitement, I swear that woman runs on happy gas. 
Theo smirked beside me, as though guessing my thoughts he leaned down and whispered. 
“She jumpier than a flying fish!” he laughed, humour clear in his voice. 
I smiled in response and stifled a snort of laughter. As if she could tell what we were talking about Kami turned to us with a evil grin on her lips. 
“To what to I owe this burst of happiness from the sullen couple?” she mocked. Her eyes serious, her lips set in a stern line of fuchsia pink. 
I quickly lost my smile when I was reminded of where I was and what I had been dragged into. Kami smiled that awful smile of hers. 
“Better.” She then turned and continued to walk down the train. 
I risked a glance up to Theo and saw the same sad, vacant expression on his face as I knew was on my own. Then as quickly as it appeared, it was replaced by a strong young man, proud to represent his district. 
But I was starting to doubt if he really was proud, or just as scared as I was. 

Tossing and turning in the unfamiliar bed sheets I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, I was thinking far too much, had too much turning over in my head. Giving a sigh of defeat I threw the covers from me and got up, wondering if anyone was about and if they’d mind if I had a midnight snack. It usually helped me to think if I ate, brain food my father would call it. While I was walking along the corridor I thought I heard movement in the dining car. Frowning, thinking it was Finnick up having a late night snack I pushed the door open to find no one. Again I frowned, wondering if I had just been hearing things when I saw Theo sat in one of the bigger chairs by the window, looking out to the night. 
He turned and looked at me, seeming slightly surprised at seeing me. 
I walked towards him and sat opposite him, curling my legs underneath me and looked out of the window too. Theo regarded me for a moment, probably wondering if he should talk to me or not, then he went back to gazing at the scenery as it whizzed past. 
“What are you doing?” I asked, curios. 
“Just thinking.” he replied, still looking out of the window but I could see his eyes flicker towards me. “What are you doing up so late?”
“I couldn’t sleep.”
I sighed, feeling the stress of the day. Wishing I could just shut my head up and fall asleep, so that I didn’t have to think about what was coming and what might happen to me. 
“Neither can I.” 
We sat in silence for a moment. I looked at him, biting my lip. I opened my mouth to say something but the words escaped me. So I bit my lip again, my fingers unconsciously found my necklace, playing with the grooves in the bone. 
“I know what you’re going to ask.” Theo said softly, without looking away from the passing landscape. 
“You do?” I looked up surprised, letting the necklace fall back against my collarbone. It’s weight reassuring. 
He nodded. 
“If I’m scared.”
I stayed silent, that was actually what I had been trying to say. 
“I’m proud to represent my district.” he looked at me again from the corner of my eye, his gaze unreadable. “I am a little apprehensive though.”
And that was when I realised that I wasn’t the only one scared of what was to come. And what we had left behind.
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