My friends and I were spooked and we ran as fast as we could until we came across a skeleton. Stop I want to talk. I never have visitors. We were all stunned and frozen in our tracks. We had no idea what would happen if we left. He began telling us a story of what it was like when he was a kid, How friend use to come and play. Until one night the played hide-n-seek and no one found him. when he came out from hiding he said to his friends " I win you couldn't find me". No one answered back it was as if they couldn't see or hear me. They began yelling my name, the ran away scared. I guess that is when I realized I was a goast. I was liked the skelton look better so that is why I look like this. Everyone calmed down enough to let the color back in there cheeks, From that Halloween day on we went every year to visit ther new friend Bones.
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