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I was tagged by the fabulous @lostinthebigcity.

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1. What should you be doing right now? (we all know you're probably procrastinating...)
When I first read this I was supposed to be reading my AP US History textbook. But I'm answering the questions now when I'm supposed to be in school.

2. Biggest Goal?
I can't pick just one so I'm going to list a few.
-be on a radio show in the morning
-get my pilot's license 
-tour (not perform with them, but just travel on the bus with them) with a major singer or band

3. If you were in jail, who would bail you out?
Either my parents and my sister or my best friends and their parents.

4. Who is your role model?
I can't think of any single person right now so I'm going to say anyone that gets to tour with a major artist/band. 

5. Favorite Names? 

6. If you could be someone for the day, who would it be? 
I would definitely be Cara Delevingne or any other model actually.

7. If you could steal someone's closet, who would it be?
I would steal Olivia Palermo's closet because her style is flawless.

8. Last text message you've received. 
One from @xoluxury telling me about her incredible day (I'm quite jealous Dar) and one from my best friend and hers was saying something about a documentary she was watching in Marine Bio.

9. Turn ons and Turn offs
I like guys who are funny, sarcastic, and clever. They have to smell nice and they have to have nice hair and a good body. I don't like guys who do drugs, don't know how to take a joke, and swear too much.

10. Last pm you've gotten.
One from @diegolohve (it was talking about twin things and APUSH and ranting) and one from @glitterinmyviens (the PM was about Hannah Murray and The Walking Dead). Sorry I haven't responded to you two yet by the way! 

11. Have you ever cheated on anything? (test, significant other, etc) 
I have never cheated on a person before, but I do cheat on tests.....a lot more than I should to be honest.

I'll put up my 11 questions after I put up my other 11!

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casual! can you check out mine? xoxo

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Wrote three years ago
ahh this is so cute! i will do this asap

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love thiss (: &your answers lol


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Flaunt Your Style

Display (something) flamboyantly, in order to provoke desire or admiration or to demonstrate defiance.
display – show off – parade
Here at ‘Flaunt Your Style,’ you can show the Polyvore and fashion community what your true style is. Remembering, there is no other person like you and no person is identical in every like and dislike in their fashionable choices. Therefore, we strongly encourage that there is no copying of outfits to prevent arguments. We’re a friendly and close environment, this can’t be broken because ‘fashionistas’ must stick together, through thick and thin.
Everybody’s style is unique and the vital purpose of this group is to express your creativity and good eye for fashion to other style-goers.

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