• Free People Pieced Geo Viscose Voile Slip
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    Pieced together geometric slip dress with lace trimming. Racer back style. Stretchy smocked detailing on front and back. Delicate and pretty. Perfect for layering, or wearing on its own with a seamless romper underneath! 100% Rayon. Machine Wash Cold. Import.
  • kate harrison
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    "❝ VERONICA MILLS ❞" — @clarkegriffin
  • Kate Harrison
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    Page 5 of 5 - Kate Harrison - posted in Fashion Models: Thanks sarnic
  • Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
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    "ever since this socialite was born she's been bouncing around from private school to private school, her parents on the journey to find at least one place that would take in their troubled daughter." — @clarkegriffin
    Wallflower with a french complex
  • pyts
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    "but 'troubled' isn't the right word for her. veronica is the youngest of the mills family after two sisters and a brother. her parents just weren't used to the brunette's rebellious attitude." — @clarkegriffin
  • Gérard Butler - Credit: CineMagia.ro
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    "her father, after all, owns an advertising company that is well known among the upper east siders. ashton mills isn't just famous for his company. once upon a time he was an actor but as soon as he sat down at..." — @clarkegriffin
  • Courtney Cox InStyle US August 5
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    "julia carter's restaurant and came face to face with the head chef that all changed. a few years later they were married and then a year following that they had the twins." — @clarkegriffin
  • Polyvore Overdose
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    "kylie mills is the oldest daughter of the mills family by two minutes and she doesn't let her twin forget it. who could with kylie's bossy personality? it's a wonder how she can even let other people talk without sharing her opinion." — @clarkegriffin
    “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."-Robert Frost
  • Adopt A Character
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    "her identical twin sister though, clara, is quieter in demeanor. she is closest to veronica because of her soft spoken words and capability to see the best in people. it's her that ronnie runs to for advice." — @clarkegriffin
    The name says it all! Come on in!
  • boy culture
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    "then there's bryce, the party boy of the mills family. he and ronnie have been competing for the outsider of the mills family position since they could crawl except he's found it harder to hang on to it when ronnie turned down the job offer." — @clarkegriffin
    Men, media, Madonna, mouthing off & me.
  • You're hot, can i have sex with you?▲
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    "ah the job offer. after years of being put through private schools and boarding schools and tutors, ronnie was accepted into her dream college, NYU, but her father wanted her to work for him." — @clarkegriffin
    Hi my name is Jojo and i like Photography so much. But its only my hobby because im just 14 years old :) I will often have spelling mistakes because my english is not so good, im sorry but I will do...
  • Young and restless.
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    "ronnie responded with a rather loud no and then running up to her room to pack her things. she knew her home would get suffocating, she had been betting on it practically. she needed to leave and be down with the family." — @clarkegriffin
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." I'm...
  • Don't believe 'em
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    "things are never that easy though. she did stay in the same city, she knew she would run into them eventually, but she stuck to her guns and continued her education, aspiring to become a psychologist for the criminal justice system." — @clarkegriffin
    Hi! my name is Elisenda, I'm 15 and I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I love Nirvana and My Chemical Romance I like other groups like Hole, Guns n' Roses, The Pretty Reckless, Foo Fighters... I want to learn...
  • Welcome beautiful
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    "totally not inspired by law and order, but that is her favorite tv show, so you never know." — @clarkegriffin
    I'm Signe. 18 years old. Europe.♥ Dreamer. Hoping for happiness. Demi Lovato is my inspiration.♥
  • photo
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    "but aside from her chaotic family ronnie likes her life, she has her own apartment that she had to pay for herself because she cut herself off from the family... well her dad cut off the finances at least." — @clarkegriffin
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    "but she's proud that she paid for it by herself, then again it's not exactly in a safe neighborhood. whatever, it's still hers and hers alone." — @clarkegriffin
    Pictures by James Vyn SUNDAY BRUNCH AT THE BLUE SPA BAR During out Stylight experience and journey we had the occasion to
  • Tumblr
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    "unless someone drops by to visit." — @clarkegriffin
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  • Ben Barnes
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    "introducing gabe castiel, ronnie's next door neighbor." — @clarkegriffin
    Ben Barnes photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
  • time's a slut
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    "he doesn't come from money and at the moment he's dirt poor, but that doesn't make a difference to ronnie. she's done with judging people based on their wealth and family. that's why she left hers after all." — @clarkegriffin
    welcome to the inner sanctum of briana's mind. beware the dancing dwarfs and talking animals.
  • Hello New York
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    "all that matters to her is that he's funny and incredibly attractive, not to mention a good friend. yes friend, for now at least. there's too much going on in her life right now to have a serious relationship, just wait until it dies down." — @clarkegriffin
    Hello New York is a photoblog showcasing only the best photographs of New York City by photographers...
  • Who Would Like Some Eddie Redmayne Eye Candy? No Need to Shove, There's Plenty to Go 'Round
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    "then there's lucas sutton. he's new to the city and it turns out that he's an important client for her family which means one of her sisters is showing him around." — @clarkegriffin
    Here's what I have to say about Eddie Redmayne's Marius in Les Miserables: he's almost a cad. You know what I mean? Up close, you just want to shake him and say, could we tone...
  • photo
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    "it's a good thing ronnie ran into him before he got the chance to meet one of her sisters, cough cough kyle cough cough. he proved himself to be a gentlemen even when he realized who ronnie was." — @clarkegriffin
  • I'll be your android girl
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    "ronnie may or may not be trying to use him to get back at her parents." — @clarkegriffin
  • Aaron Johnson
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    "last but definitely not least is caleb meyers, ronnie's fellow classmate in several of her psychology classes." — @clarkegriffin
  • Young and restless.
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    "from what she can tell caleb's an ass, a rich ass who her mother would love to see her with. and just in spite of her ronnie's been avoiding him while he tries to comprehend it all." — @clarkegriffin
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." I'm...
  • I know nothing's wrong, but I'm not convinced
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    "it's not that he's a complete ass, ronnie's sure there has to be some nice qualities to him, it's just that he stands for everything ronnie ran away from and she wants to stay away as long as possible." — @clarkegriffin
  • cl4ssy & fab~
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    "that's it for now." — @clarkegriffin
    hi, im shauna: 16, cape cod MA, junior in high school. feel free to ask me to check out your blog if...
  • Google Books deal postponed after avalanche of criticism Technology
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    Google's controversial $125m agreement to digitise and sell access to millions of in-copyright books has been sent back to the drawing board after widespread criticism

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