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Hey guys! This club was made to express how truly "trill you are" xD But seriously I want yall to have fun and basically help me run this thang here Message me to give me contest ideas...Oh and speaking of contests; CONTEST RULES: 1.I want it fresh: Submit NEW sets only! 2.Copy Cat Alert!;Do not copy other sets this is a club of originality 3. Don't be pathetic: When voting for sets, please for the prevention of embarrassment and possible determination, DO NOT MAKE FAUX ACCOUNTS TO VOTE FOR YOUR SETS >_< 4. Show Respect: During the contest, {If you are a contestant} Like each set in the entry! I want it to be fair NOTE: I will check :DD 5. Bug Off!:Do not try to beg me to vote for you or place you..don't pester others or offer shoutouts or likes for whoever does 6. Losers Weepers: {Lmao} If you don't win, try again! There is absolutely no reason to be upset and or bash others for YOUR loss REWARDS: 1st: Logo Choice {gets to choose Trillville logo for a week} 2nd: Contest choice {Chooses next weeks contest} 3rd: Shout out Other:{5th-7th} Likes {MAX=120 sets} The sets I feel are the best will go in my collection for my fave sets MODERATION: I am currently the only moderater, but each MONTH I will choose a Co-Moderator according to creativity, winnings and contribution I HOPE YOU JOIN AND ENJOY TRILLVILLE!!!! -AJ♡
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