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Who's that girl? RP:

Suzy's POV

I was sitting in the shop with only Ji Hye, looking through magazines, gossiping about the boys. The shop was quite dead which was surprising because the fans were outside everyday and it was Sunday when they are free.

- Unnie, your phone! - Ji Hye poked me and I stood up to bring it from the office. I looked at the screen, it was Junsu.
- Yoboseyo? - I picked it up and sat back. 
- Annyeong dear - I could tell he was smiling when he greeted me. - Are you busy today?
- Not really... - I sighed. - We don't have anything to do.
- Then i'll pick you up later at home. Oh and don't forget to wear more layer just in case.
- Why? Where are we going? - I asked back because it was really hot outside.
- You will see! - he laughed. - Then meet later!
- Okay - I nodded.

- What is it? - Ji Hye asked.
- Let's go home. I'll call Moon Jae - i said as i stood up and walked in the office. When I was in I heard Ji Hye's phone was ringing and i was pretty sure the caller was no one else than Key.

It was 3PM when I was ready to go out with Junsu, i was in the living room wearing a comfortable jeans with t-shirt and a warm cardigan was right beside me. Soohyun was in the kitchen and talked to me about something but i didn't really care about it. I was excited about our next date.

Finally my phone started to ring so I stood up and put on my wig. I still felt a bit uncomfortable being blonde.

- Here we are - Junsu stopped the car near by the river and helped me to get off. I looked around and saw other cars, we were not the first there. I spotted Jiyong oppa with a blonde girl, Dongwoon with a blonde girl...actually every boy was with a blonde girl. Just like Junsu. I quickly realized: its a group meeting!

Junsu's Pov

We greeted the others as we walked closer and introduced our girlfriends to each other. There were only few of us but as I saw the sailboat was not that big.
- So we will be on this? - Suzy frowned as she pointed at the sailboat.
- Yes, why? - I asked back and pulled her closer to me.
- Ah...nothing - she shook her head and forced a smile onto her face.
- Let's go on board! We will start our trip in a minute - GD said loudly and we did as he said. 

We took our place and the boat slowly left the bank of the river. Suzy was trembling in my arms and I turned toward her to see her pale face.

- Are you okay? - I asked worriedly and stroked her face.
- - she mumbled but it was obvious she was not. 
- Are you seasick?
She looked up innocently and nodded.

- should tell me before we got on board! - i said a bit angrily.
- Mianhae - she closed her eyes and pressed her lips together.
- It's okay - I kissed her forehead and stood up. - I'll get you some medicine.

I walked in the cabin and spotted GD on the bed.
- You too? - I chuckled when i saw his pale face.
- Who else? - he raised a bow.
- Suzy - I smiled. - Do you have any medicine?
- There - he pointed at the cabinet. 
- Thanks man - I patted his shoulder sympathetically.

I took out the medicine and picked up a bottle of water from the kitchen. I walked back and saw Suzy was laying on Ji Hye's lap.
- Here - I knelt down and helped her to took the medicine. 
- You can lay down in the cabin - Ga In, GD's girlfriend said and smiled at Suzy. 
- Thanks - my baby smiled and I helped her in. 

- Hello partner - Jiyong laughed weakly when we stepped in. Suzy just chuckled and laid down on the other bed.
- You can leave me alone, just enjoy the trip with the others - she looked at me with a smile on her face. - I'll be okay soon.
- I don't want, its okay.
- Please! I feel so bad already!
- Okay, okay. But I will come back! - I kissed her lips softly and joined to the others.

I felt quite bad because i knew i did have to tell her about this trip on a boat...but I had no idea she would be seasick! Aish...i am such a bad boyfriend...

Narrator POV

Time flew quickly as most of them enjoyed their trip and had fun on board. Even Suzy felt better time to time so she came out and joined to the others, she wanted to get closer to the other girls.

Junsu was always around her, asking if everything is okay. He acted like a uneasy mom but Suzy didn't find it annoying, it was rather heartwarming to know Junsu is like this.

- Captain G Sparrow is here - Jiyong finally came out he was still pale but the medicine helped to him either. Ga In just smiled at him and rolled her eyes. "Sparrow is my butt" She thought as she hugged him.

Uhm...not good xD I know :D by the way I hope its okay if GD is also seasick :D 

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