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May 4, 2013

Song of the day: The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (another song played for a Gatsby project whose lyrics just spoke to the themes of the book... I don't know how people find these things. It's so cool!)

So sorry, I did another one of these layouts. But unfortunately I don't have time to make a real set this weekend. But hey, think about it this way-- I save so much time with these layouts I was able to make two for you this weekend! :) 

It's been so nice lately and all I want is to lie in the sun, under the trees, with the birds and the bees, reading Perks or TFIOS. Sighs. But one of my best friends slept over last night because both of her parents are away, and I literally haven't had a sleepover since I was like 13 or something, and this was so fun. Haha. We talked so much and it was a nice break after a long week.

And next weekend I'm going to the city with a bunch of my friends (granted, it's to see a museum for a history assignment, but hey, it's gonna be fun :))!

Um I want to go shopping so bad, but I literally never have money. Ever. Lol. Eww I sound like such a brat. But it's so hard for a Poly/Tumblr girl when we're surrounded by such gorgeous clothes all the time, ya know? Lol.

Do you know that I have to physically log myself off of Tumblr and Polyvore to prevent myself from checking it every 5 seconds. Ugh. Fact: I deprive myself of sleep to allow myself the pleasure of going on Polyvore/Tumblr/Facebook throughout the day.

And lol I was thinking the other day how weird it is that not more people in my school have Tumblrs (or use it like cool Tumblr people do ;)) and are really like "Tumblr-girls", ya know, and how no one's discovered Polyvore and actually go on these sites and have presences on them like I do. Because, I don't know, it's so fun, right? And then I realized, "Oh wait. It's because I don't have a life." Lol. But whatever. Internet life > real life. Haha. No, but don't worry, I'm not an isolated freak. I promise. I hang out with my friends too (sometimes) ;) ;) ;)

But anyway. This distracting myself business has gone on for too long now. I must bid you guys adieu. 

So... ADIEU! 
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