The Epic Harry Potter Challenge

Trip on the Knight Bus 5/20

Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two tonight. I'm not going to give anything away but it was epic.
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The Epic Harry Potter Challenge

The Epic Harry Potter Challenge

Group Created: May 28th 2011
Challenge Created: November 2010
I first started this as just a challenge on a set but a friend of mine suggested that I make it into a group so...viola. Add me as a contact please, and fave the original challenge set here:
You can make sets for the outfits [THIS IS A FASHION CHALLENGE! NOT AN ART CHALLENGE] and put them into a collection or just create them on a collection - you chose, just once you are done message me with your completed collections. If you need me to answer any questions, just message me :)
Epic Harry Potter Challenge:
Tired of the real world? Wish you would have gotten that Hogwarts Acceptance Letter when you were 11?
Well, wish no longer as YOU have been accepted to Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Before the arrival of the very last Harry Potter movie, I present you with the challenge to keep the spirit alive and to get you pumped :D
----> Created outfits, pick your favorite teacher and spell, imagining that you are in fact a Hogwarts student. And put all of it into a collection; with the same title as the set
Also, try to keep everything in order; it may be difficult but you’ll be happier you did.
In the Information Section of the Collection:
☠ Chose what house you would be in, your designated pet, even animagi if you wish
☠ Pick your favorite teacher: Snape, Flitwick…etc.
☠ Pick your favorite Class: Potions, Charms...etc.
☠ Pick your favorite spell: Lumos, Nox…etc. this site helps
☠ Pick your best friend: Fred, Neville…etc. [please try to NOT chose one of the Golden Trio], you can also chose who you would date/marry [you do NOT have to chose their names, but you /can/]
☠ Pick what your job would be after Graduating/Leaving Hogwarts
Items/Outfits To Create a Set/Collection:
☠ Chose AT LEAST 20, or more if you choose, of the described below and create one outfit for each:
~~~~~P.S. You can do these in any order, you don't have to follow the order of the list
- - Your house uniform
- - Shopping in Diagon Alley
- - Plaform 9 3/4- -on the Train to Hogwarts
- - You’re House Quidditch Team [playing/watching]
- - Quidditch World Cup
- - Trip on the Knight Bus
- - Breaking into the Ministry [book 5]
- - Winter in Hogsmeade
- - Fall in Hogsmeade
- - Spring in Hogsmeade
- - A Wizard Christmas
- - A Wizard Halloween
- - You’re A Death Eater
- - Slug Club Christmas Party
- - Order of the Phoenix Meeting
- - Dumbledore’s Army Meeting
- - The Arrival of the Beaxbatons and Durmstang Students [book 4]
- - Tri-Wizard Tournament: Egg Challenge
- - Tri-Wizard Tournament: Lake Challenge
- - Yule Ball
- - Tri-Wizard Tournament: Maze Challenge
- - Wizard Duel [whether for practice or for battle]
- - On the Run [like how Harry, Ron and Hermione were]
- - Going to a Wizard Rock Concert
- - Going on a Wizarding Date
- - Dumbledore's Funeral
- - Battle of Hogwarts
- - Graduating Hogwarts [like what you'd wear to the ceremony]
- - Wizard Wedding
- - Life After Graduating from Hogwarts
- - Visiting the Ministry [for whatever reason]
- - Hanging out with your friends
- - Wizard Court
- - Detention
- - Lost in the Forbidden Forest
- - Taking Your O.W.L.S
- - Studying
- - A Wizards’ Vacation
- - Winter in Hogwarts
- - Spring in Hogwarts
- - Fall in Hogwarts
- - Christmas At Hogwarts
[I will add more as time goes on]
Post the completed collection link in the comment section of this page.
HERE IS MINE as a Guideline:
Please, Do not copy my challenge. It is meant to be fun for everyone, and copying is unoriginal and annoying.
If anyone has done a similar challenge to such, I apologize if I myself have /copied/ you. But I haven’t seen anything like this before :)

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the misanthrope. [July 19th, 2011]
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Trip on the Knight Bus

Trip on the Knight Bus

64 sets from 64 members. Ended 5 years ago.
The current contest is for the EHPC for those of you that made "Trip on the Knight Bus" sets. Remember, those who enter in templates will be disqualified. I like to see effort put into the sets. 12 winners. 2 weeks. Good luck!

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