Tristan, ah, with a set finally all his own. I thought he finally deserved a story, a good one.
Warning, he's a little...rough, so he does swear and has a lack of a screening lol
But, to HALEY, Bianca and Tristan are NOT getting together, it's just drama working toward other things
Tristan's not good with words so he thinks in songs, these are how he feels about each girl - 
People wonder why I am the way I am. They see my, well, my /mom/ Amelia, and they know her to be this shiny little adventurous woman with a heart of gold; they know my /dad/ Cullen to be this charming sort of guy that's loyal to a fault to Amelia...then they see me. Girls fall into a false sense of security that the moment I kiss or the first time I fuck - if it gets that far - them, I'm theirs forever. And for a while I used that to my advantage. Many knew me to be a lady killer, girls warned their friends to stay way from me but I still had girls hanging around me, batting their lashes and running their hands up and down my arm. I loved much as it distracted me from /her/.

Men aren't good with showing their feelings. I knew I bottled up mine and shoved them back down with a bit of rum and chasing a pretty little skirt around. It was wrong to use the girls to distract me, I knew that - Amelia had taught me that - but when I new I didn't exist pretty much in Bee's eyes, a part of me separated from the good nature I was supposed to have, that good part that was supposed to reign in the charm came from being raised by the Gryffin family. My detachment rubbed off a bit on some onto Dorian, who had been my little buddy all through growing up - and according to /aunt/ Ruby it didn't help that he was also like his father; a 'hopeless' flirt. But even Dorian had found his way to a girl who could whip him into submission - in the best possible use of the term...I suppose. Even now, I was starting to rub off on little Desmond who just loved giggling his little baby head off and kissing all the girls' cheeks. 

Ever since we were kids, Bianca and I, we had this sort of, well not to sound like my man card was revoked but, we had this sort of connection that most of the others didn't understand. I had lost my parents, and she had lost hers. We both were a little older than the rest of the others, we had started school together before the others, and...then there came to the nightmares...

I wasn't sure when I was ten whether or not it was some kind of curse, or some kind of /defect/ when it came to being an animagi, but whenever Bianca would get angry, she'd start to change - she actually started turning into a dragon, she'd burn things as she went and Amelia was the only one who could talk her out of it because of that special Gryffindor heir trait she had to talk to dragons. Some nights those nightmares would be so terrible, she'd shake and scream - there was a few times we had to repair Bianca's room because of the scorch marks on the walls, furniture would be burnt to a crisp and quite a few stuffed animals were gone and melted into a puddle onto the floor. As Amelia and the others would be putting out the fires, I held Bianca as she cried; she couldn't burn me like she could with Olivia and Teddy, if she scratched me I would heal - I dealt with the pain. It made me feel important, important to made me love her. It was almost like it was just me and her - the two of us against the world. I hated whenever she left, when she went to live with Odette and others over the summer, almost like Teddy did when he went between Harry and Amelia. I missed her. Whenever she cried, I was right there. I always, always wanted to be there.

I was happier when school started - school for her at least because that meant she was going to stay around more often; she was going to be in one place for quite a while. Every day, after class, I'd walk down from the Astronomy Tower to Bianca who was sat out on the end of the castle on the stone stairs doing her homework unlike I always did. Sometimes I liked to watch her for a few minutes, see her hair wave in the wind - she had one of the cutest faces when she was hard at work studying. She was only a fourth year at the time, a girl as most still saw her, and I was a young man - so it wasn't exactly socially acceptable for us to date, even if we had known each other forever. 

That morning, it had rained - not unusual - but everything was kind of slick and moss few into the crevices between the rocks. Bianca was sitting perched up on the wall of the stairs near Hagrid's hut, wearing those god-awful heels her and Evie /just had/ to run out and get. I smiled a little seeing her through the open spaces as I walked down the halls. She was all by herself when I heard Normandy, tall as hell for a second year, screaming out "Bianca! Bianca!" like some five year old. Bianca turned, just slightly, when she slipped from where she sat. I ran as fast as I could towards her, but with everything as damp as it was, she couldn't keep a grip on the rock and fell towards the ground. Some blond pretty boy jumped off the stairs after her and as the ground was slanted downward, both of them went rolling down the /hill/ towards the forest. Norma shrieked and went running down the stairs to them worried she may have just gotten Bianca killed. By the time I reached the stairs, Bianca and that guy had stopped rolling...she was lying on top of him. She was breathless but smiling, he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear and smiled back at her. Collin Abernathy, one of those boys everyone thought could be the future Minister of Magic, from a good family with perfect, normal parents and a trust-fund. I wasn't going to get on him for having money but he was one of those pretty boys who could get nearly any girl he wanted - which again I didn't dog him for - but he had to go and hit on the girl that /I/ wanted. He was fourteen too, just /perfect/ for her. He was everything she wanted...

Other boys followed, a few broke her heart and it angered me. I dated other girls, friends of hers too, and started becoming the guy that everyone in our little group knew to be the charmer - the 'snake in the grass'. The first girl I slept with was one of her friends, a little red head who was a little wild named Polly Winslet who at the time of my sixth year was sixteen too; I nearly had to drink myself to a black out to forget about Bianca, and though I wouldn't admit this even to whatever God there might be, in my drunk delirium, I wanted - I thought of Bianca even when I was in bed with Polly. Bianca was something so distant from me that I couldn't reach her with a jet engine but that didn't stop me from wanting her. 

I had kissed Olivia, I had kissed Clara, and though she wasn't close to us in our group - I had slept with Evie - again, practically too drunk to really comprehend things - to forget Bianca. But nothing ever worked. Nothing would ever work. So I kept my mouth shut. She would never want me like I wanted her. 

Over the years, I wasn't sure how many girls had come into my life; there was ones in London, ones in Budapest, Rome and America. I had taken leaves from Hogsmeade to try to forget Bianca, but even with the picture of her in my wallet she still had an invisible hold around me. Some times I thought of never going back home, maybe it would be easier to stay away from her. But then I remembered my brother - my only blood family - was still there, so...I went back. No less than a year ago did Bianca's ideal husband came to live in Hogsmeade like the rest of us. James St. John - Jimi - the smart, good-looking blue eyed /God/ of a man that all the girls seemed to smile at whenever he walked into a room. Bianca was caught up into him and he didn't falter in returning the affection. Even when she got hurt - even when she was scarred - he stayed beside her. It was because of me that she was still alive for him to have her. 

Broken and bleeding in her dragon form, I stopped the rest of the vampires from ripping her apart - I wrapped her up in that robe just before Jimi took her away from me, and carried her back home. Everyone crowded around her, and everyone was in such disarray that I was pulled away from her. I never wanted to be anywhere else more than beside her...but something else had started brewing...

As I had worried about her, I was worrying about someone else. Isolde. She had appeared in September, doing a special interest story on the castle to get a leg up in the Daily Prophet was like nothing I had felt before. Those eyes of hers bore into mine and wrapped me around her finger like I had no will of my own. That sexy little smirk of hers made me stupid and speechless and her body drove me insane. She had a power of her own that made me her slave and the way she moved made my knees weak. When I was memorized by her, Bianca disappeared for a little while. But Isolde would leave to go back to work, and I'd see Bianca again and the torture inside my head and my chest drove me to take up a few bottles of rum to make the pain hurt less. I looked forward to seeing brother seemed to be the only one who could see that. That's why Prosper always shut up when she entered a room. He never uttered a word to her about me and my past ways, because he knew /that/ wasn't me. I was deep inside the boy Amelia had raised me to be. 

Amelia only ever said sweet things about me to her, told her I was a little rough around the edges but Isolde seemed not to mind. I loved that about her. Most of her was still a mystery about me, except about her family - how they mistreated her, and I swore if they ever laid a hand on her, I'd take her away and never let them near her ever again. Even though she didn't seemed to need me remotely, I still felt some sort of usefulness again, to keep her from crying the few times she did. But when they...started talking about me, the way they did, I was scared Isolde would be disgusted - she'd leave and I'd be right back where I was, maybe worse. 

The other night, I had kissed Bianca - the first time I ever had - wanting to feel nothing. But she hit me, threw me back to the ground and started yelling at me. What was I supposed to do? Let her dance around me, talking about how /good/ a kisser she was? Let her grate at the nerve I had keeping me from screaming out that I loved her? I had kisses her and...all there was left was pain, not love. So I left the house, I drank a cellar's worth of rum and wandered around. For a while I sat up on the roof, scaring the living daylights out of Amelia who several times tried to get me to come down...

That's when it dawned upon me how nasty I had been, like I didn't care about the woman who treated me like a son. About a dozen other kids were around her, and she took time to deal with me and all my screw ups. Never did I hear her yell at me, Amelia scolded and punished, but she never raised a hand to me or the kids. Knowing everyone, that's want me to apologize to Bianca for snapping at her, but I didn't know what to do to apologize to Amelia for being such a headache. Regardless of what happened, Amelia would love me. It's probably why I wasn't completely insane. I had lost my parents, but she was my mother. 

Now it came down to picking up the pieces of the past day. Would I tell Isolde of what had happened? If I knew anything of women, it was better for them to know too much - at least the ones around me - than too very little.
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