Had a bit of a problem with this outfit really because I picked those amazing cat shoes (which I want to much!!), but then when it came to picking a bag to go with them, I thought 'well, I'm going to have to pick a black bag to go with them.' But I'm not a 100% sure that a black bag goes with that outfit. I just have this weird thing about shoes and bags matching, so I ask you this...does the shoe colour and bag colour have to match, or be simular? Or do you think you can get away with them being completely different? The question arose & I thought I'd ask you guys! Just curious really =)

On another note....why, oh WHY has Polyvore's activity stream changed AGAIN!!! The whole 'this user has saved this many items from your set/collection' just seems irrelevant to me! I suppose it's nice to see if people are saving things from your sets & collections, in a sense that I personally think that it's nice to see that people are 'liking' these items that you've used enough to maybe want to use them in the future (if that makes sense??). However, I think it's just way too specific and I guess, invading personal usage....if you know what I mean? (Not sure I'm making any sense what so ever here) Yeah, I didn't really word that properly. But the point is....I don't like it....pheww, vent. over. 

laprincessedelamode.tumblr.com (gunna update this Tumblr tonight....it's been way too long!!)
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Wrote two years ago
Thank you! =) @sofiemrld

Wrote two years ago
sweet, love this !

Wrote three years ago
so sweet. love the outfit

Wrote three years ago
Very pretty style and set sweetie x


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