Thanks @polyvore For Top Set of August 20th 2012
This is one of those sets that I almost deleted because of How much I hated it. I went through so Many different photos trying to find the perfect one to match, But after so many photo combinations it always looked a bit off. Then Finally I settled down with a group of photos that I didn't love and as I was scrolling through my Items looking for an outfit, I found the Perfect Picture. Then the whole set turned around. If it didn't, it would have ended up with those poor sets that has been in my draft forever, that I know I'm never going to finish. 

I try to have a balanced variety of photos. The pink photos for example, I found the flower photo first, and since its a plant, I tried to find another photo to match it that has to do with fashion or interior. Same with the green and Black&White photos. 

when I'm making a new set, I Always try to experiment every chance I get. In this set I made my own dress by cropping another dress and adding a bustier and a belt. It was an easy way to get the color combination I needed and it matched with the photos perfectly. Usually Once I've found the base to my outfit, I add some shoes that match and a purse that I love, topped off with a jacket or blazer.
There is still something about this set that I don't like but I'm just going to stop thinking about it.

I have been failing at checking my activity. Sorry everyone, and I have to tell you that its only going to get worse with us Muslims religious holiday coming up in a few days. If you really want to get my attention just send me a message. 
...Eid Mubarak
.....Don't forget to release
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