CHARACTER FORMAT – for students/future students (those 10 and under)
Full Name: Tabitha Leah Madison.
Nickname(s): Tabby.
Parents: Anthony Madison & Emilia Madison.
Blood Status: Muggleborn.
Wand: 11", Hazel, Phoenix, Rigid.
House: Has not yet been sorted.
Year: 1st.
Age: 11. {Born on August 5th.}
Height: Four feet and eleven inches.
Weight: Seventy-seven pounds.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown/blonde.
Skin: Fair.
Personality: Spunky, wild, loud, a bit demanding, friendly, brave, energetic.
Bio: Tabitha is a muggle-born child. Her parents were absolutely shocked to find out that their child had magic. They went along with all of it though, feeling uneasy about everything. From even the simplest of creatures to the most terrifying of legends. Tabby was ecstatic to find out that she had magic though. She doesn't take it as serious as it should be taken all the time though, unfortunately...
OTHER – basic information:
- Boggart: Dementors.
- Patronus: A lion.
- Siblings: She has a baby brother and an older sister.
- Pet: A rat.
Dorm/Character’s House:
Character Model: Joey King.
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three comments

Wrote 4 years ago
You CAN use Joey King - she is free

Wrote 4 years ago
@vintagevampire19-dear-porcelain Alright. I was going to make my other two characters older. I just wanted two younger characters because first years can be fun to play.
And I'll change it.

Wrote 4 years ago
I have to double check if Joey King is taken, but word of caution - many of the Rp characters are 15-17 years old, there are very few who are 1st years.
Just, you know, so you don't feel shoved out like no one wants to Rp with you. For your possible 2 other characters if you choose to make all 4.
And someone already has a character named Tabitha - we try to use rather odd names for our characters to keep people from getting confused.

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