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Chapter 8:

"You gotta help me!" I stormed into Fran's place carrying an overnight bag with me. If I was going to do this sleepover, she and her friends might as well help me.

"Hello to you too!" Fran smiled sarcastically and led me to the garden in the back. "What can I do for you?" She asked as her friends looked up and examined my looks from head to toe.

"I need some advice. About a guy." I admitted blushing under the curious gazes coming from other girls and sat down trying to appear comfortable.

"Oh gawd!" One of the blonde girls rushed to me as fast as she could in her sky high heels. "I don't know how you did this but I'm so jelly that you got those four hotties!" She gushed with a dreamy expression.

Fran gritted her teeth. "They're just her friends." She stated trying to play cool but it wouldn't take a genius to see she was bitter about it.

"Actually I need help with just them." I announced loud enough for everyone else to hear our conversation. "See, one of them might have asked me out but I'm not sure..."

"Who?" Another girl piped in with interest evident in her eyes. "Is it Cameron? He's soooo gorgeous!"

"Is it?" Fran shot me accusing look her hands trembling.

"No." I shook my head and she visibly relaxed, a friendly smile appearing back on her lips.

"Is it Jack? I heard that he's kinda a jerk but that doesn't change that he's yummy." A high pitched voice giggled.

"No!" I shuddered making a face. "It's Dylan but I don't even know if he meant for it to be a date. I just don't know.." I trailed off scanning the girls' faces hopefully.

"Do you want it to be a date?" Fran asked entwining her arm to mine and dragging me in the middle of others. 

"Not exactly." I breathed out. "What do I do now?"

x x x x x

After telling them how he asked me to hang out for the thousandth time, the group seemed to have reached a decision. This girls were pros at guy related issues and I knew that they would be helpful no matter what.

"I think he wants it to be a date." Fran stated and the others nodded along. "But, he doesn't want to say it out loud so that he could pretend to he only wants you to be friends if you're not into him."

It seemed reasonable. "I'm not into him." I said playing with my hands. "I like him as a friend but nothing more. "

"Then, you should play dumb." Fran grinned evilly. "Just act like you're casually hanging out. Wear something simple and act friendly. He'll get the hint and back off, plus you won't need to do a nasty rejection talk."

"Brilliant!" I had to admit it, this idea was great. I didn't want to make it awkward between Dylan and me, so acting like I was clueless would be the best way out.

"Yeah." Fran winked to me proudly. "Now that we solved your problem, anyone else wants advice?"

x x x x x

I threw on a graphic tank top with beige shorts and pulled my hair into a messy bun spreading a peach gloss over my lips. I certainly didn't want to look like I dressed up for him but I didn't want to look like a hobo either.

The doorbell rang and my heart started thumping in my chest. Dylan was picking me up, although I had insisted on driving myself. I messed up my hair a bit and put on deodorant before answering the door.

"Hey!" I greeted him with a warm smile but it almost faltered when I noticed he styled his hair and smelled like perfume. Though he was dressed casually, he seemed to put an extra effort to his appearance today. 

"Hi Vicky." He replied not seeming affected by my slightly disheveled look. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah." I nodded grabbing my purse and left the apartment. "Where are we going by the way?"

"Oh, I thought we could grab a bite first. Then, maybe we could go to the movies or bowling?" Dylan asked sounding unsure.

"Sounds good." I beamed following him to his car. I had mixed thoughts about him now, he seemed very friendly yet there were hints of a date in his behavior.

My suspicions doubled when Dylan took me to a dark and romantic cafe. As soon as we walked in, the red and dark brown decoration caught my eye. All of the tables were for two and mostly couples were occupying them.

"You like it?" He asked excitedly waiting for my response.

"Very. This place is so cute." I lied biting my lip. It wasn't exactly a lie actually. I'd love to go to a place like this on a date but since it wasn't a date for me, the cheesy atmosphere made me feel nothing but nervous.

We found a table and made small talk until our food arrived. As much as I was uncomfortable being there, I couldn't deny that the food was delicious. I devoured my pizza enjoying every minute of it which made Dylan chuckle. 

"It's amazing. Take a slice." I offered him laughing and immediately blushed realizing that I just acted like we were a couple.

"Thanks, I'm already full." Dylan replied oblivious to my mood change and I stuffed the last slice into my mouth averting my gaze from his.

After we were done with our food, an awkward silence filled the air. "So.." Dylan broke it after a while. "Can I tell you something?"

My head shot up with panic. "Sure." I croaked out meeting his green eyes. What if he told me something about this being a date?

Then, something miraculous happened. As soon as Dylan opened his mouth, James walked into the cafe alone and I shouted thanking the heavens. "James! James!"

He looked up and saw us, his face lighting up in a weird way. "Hey V!" He greeted me coming towards us and then acknowledged Dylan. "Hey man!"

"What are doing here alone?" I asked raising my eyebrow. "Waiting for your date?"

"Yeah." He nodded flashing a playful grin. "And I'm hoping to end my date somewhere cozier."

"Haha." I punched his arm lightly. "You're the bad one James. Want to wait with us?"

"Uh, I don't wanna interrupt your date." He shook his head eyeing Dylan carefully. 

"We're just hanging out, it's not a date." I retorted in a breath and looked over to Dylan to see disappointment taking over his expression. 

He suddenly got up from his chair. "No, stay." He said to James. "I was already leaving." Then, he paid the waitress and walked off not even bothering to say goodbye.

"Dylan!" I called after him but he didn't stop. I wanted to go after him but I didn't know what to tell him. "God, I sc.rewed up!" I moaned letting out a frustrated breath.

James sat down across me and asked with concern. "What was his problem?"

"I think I just ruined another friendship." I admitted almost in a whisper.

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