Again new tag!!!! Now from @skylar72, fave her super fab and cool set:
Well, I think my first name is trouble!!! I get into trouble very often))
And I liked this Miroslava Duma's look! It's very fresh) So I hope you'll like it)
I hope you're not freezing in your home countries and I really hope this set will make you smile (even 1 second)))
So, this is the tag:
1) Best friend on Polyvore
Well I can't definite one! But there's no doubt that it's @n-kr, my sister @bellainpolyvore and @skylar72))
2) Can you remember your last dream?
Yeah, that was practically 5 minutes ago!!!! Chocolate)
3) 3 places you would like to go on vacation:
Malaisia (sun, beach, ocean- everything I need), Mallorca (I've been there 2 times already, but I can't help loving this place), and...Paris))
4) Do you like chocolate?
Everyone does!!!! (well, I like dark, but not much, I adore white and milk!!!! Sooo delicious)
5) what do you notice first on a boys face?
That's kinda weird answer, i know, but eyebrows!)) Yeah, that's what attracts me)) Also nose shape and lashes))) And..teeth ( but I don't want to be a dentist)
6) do you like rainy or snowy days more?
Mmm, I adore rain!))) But snow is cool too))) To go for a walk on a snowy day and then come home, drink tea and eat sweets))) (or maybe have a hot and tasty dinner)))
7) what is your favorite 4 legged creature
Definitely rabbits and sheep))) (they're veeery cute))
8) do you like spicy food?
Yes, I do)) I don't like when the food is tasteless)
9) do you remember your favorite teacher?
Sure. She's now my teacher os the Russian language and literature) She's very very very kind and I love to chat with her!
10) what was the last movie you watched?
" Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones" (I watched it in russian, I think there's no english version) I laughed out loud!))
11) What music do you like?
I can't really tell. Smth that is popular now, what's in the top chart. and some dance hits)
12)3 favorite foods:
Cottage cheese casserole that makes my mum, lasagna that she also does and.... pankakes that my granny does!!! They're special, I vow!
13) Do you like to shop?
Well, when I went to a boarding school and we had excursions, and I've always been asking: "When will we go shopping?" Even in the church there was a shop!!! I think that a work os a shopping guide is very exciting)
14) Whats your middle name?
Ahah, as long as my first name is "Trouble", then my second name is Lisa))) But actually I don't have a middle name)
15) Favorite fruit?
Pineapple, also bananas!!!
16) Have you ever gotten detention?
No, I'm not a criminal!!!!
17)Celebrity idols:
Coco Chanel and Daphne Du Maurier (well, they're not celebrities, but that's my opinion)
18) How big is your bed?
 A very strange question! Not double and not single
19) Have you ever cried during a movie?
Maybe ther's smth wrong with me, but I find a moment to cry in every single movie!!! Even in a horror one))) The most sad movies are "P.S. I love you" (I've been crying all film, and the book is veeery sad too), aslo "The notebook" as everyone says, and..."A.I. Artificial Intelligence"
20) if you were stranded on a desert island who would you want to be with?
With my cell phone and WiFi to write messages and to send SOS signals)) I always panick!!!! I think that it's my middle name!
So, meet Trouble Panick Coward))
I now tag: @n-kr, @milla-starinac, @biljanamilenkovic, @myduza-and-koteczka, @bellainpolyvore, @bestdressx, @sssdmr, @iloveyoudd, @enyate95, @anelalovenathan, @arlynbdat, @fashiongirls96, @awsome-j-cossin, @adeliya-forever, @wambliwakan, @marija-lola-grujicic and...@pallasathenas, @miss-raspberry-92
and everyone who wants)))
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