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  • Troy Lee Designs Skyline Jersey
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    Troy Lee Designs Skyline Jersey
    A polar opposite of road-inspired, rear-pocket tops, Troy Lee Designs' Skyline Women's Jersey is a smart mix of technical fabrics and purposeful tailoring for desert riding, summertime alpine adventures, and humid climates. Designed for riding lifts or pedaling up so you can hammer down, the Skyline's mesh polyester keeps you cool and has antimicrobial properties so you smell like daisies after a day of crushing.
  • Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short
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    Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short
    Rally over berms, chase down the best stretches of brown pow, and most importantly, show the guys how it's done in Troy Lee Designs' Skyline Women's Short. A far cry from the flowery, pastel-colored apparel that isn't worthy of hard-charging ladies, the Skyline Short actually does provide the same rugged construction as what the boys get. Made with a durable, breathable blend of synthetics, the short will resist snags and rips on the days you find yourself looking up at the sky instead of down at the trail, confidently handling the occasional brush with trail furniture and protecting your legs with its DH-appropriate inseam.While you're lowering your seatpost and sitting back for a wild descent, you'll appreciate the Skyline's stretchy mesh panel along the lower back area, allowing you to move freely when you need to most. Troy Lee understands the importance of preventing a mid-ride bonk, so it included zippered pockets at the front and thigh for stashing snacks. Grab them on the lift while you catch your breath to keep energy levels high for your next descent.
  • Troy Lee Designs Long Sleeve
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    Troy Lee Designs Long Sleeve
    Set aside those non-breathable, restrictive jerseys and toss on the comfy Troy Lee Designs Women's Moto Long-Sleeve Jersey. The Troy Lee designers know what you need when sending it--a sweet jersey with a relaxed cut for plenty of movement when hopping over obstacles and stomping big airs. The small-hole mesh construction also gives you plenty of room to breathe, so you don't overheat on the short ascents.
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