Name: Massie Block
Spot: Alpha
Model: Emily Didonato
Bio: Perfect hair, all the latest styles, new arm candy every day. That's the fabulous life Massie Block lives. She lives life in the fast-lane, drinking from life's lush lips, a perfect life for a perfect girl, right? She's full of herself and prides herself in being Westechester's head girl. If america had royalty, the Block's would be it. The family line has been pulsing through the country's history for years. Massie can have anything and everything she wants in a matter of seconds. Every girl knows and fears Massie, because she is the TRUE alpha. Grades are but letters to her, she's already got a seat secured at Harvard, grades are just a cushion. Only one problem, deep down inside she has this insecurity because even she knows that she can never be the prettiest, the sweetest, the skinniest or the smartest.
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