Been trying to publish this set since Sunday....I feel like it's taken forever to make! Ha...

I've noticed something else Poly has changed...I'm gunna try explain this the best I can, but bare with me! So when your making a set and you decide to save your draft so you can look through Polyvore for some items and you come across an item, and think 'Ohh, I could use that in my set!' So you click on the button that says 'create a set with this item', the item used to then appear in your draft of the set you had been previously making....However, now it just goes on to a blank spot (as if your making a new set) make sense? Has anyone else noticed? So basically now if you're making a set with an item, you HAVE to save in your makes things a whole lot tougher for me....I feel like I'm using up space in my items, when I might not ever use that item....I know...I'm just moaning on about another thing, just wanted to see if anyone agreed it's a pain, or if anyone knew a way to avoid this?

Anyhow....rant over! 

The bag and earrings are from, the links for these items are listed below:


Or why not check out the sheinside group:
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