Truth About Love Part 4
Kylie's P.O.V.
I woke up the next morning and Niall had his arms around me. I shook my head and sat up.
"No. No. No." I said to myself. I crawled out of the fort and went upstairs to my bedroom. I put on a gray t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I went downstairs and I grabbed my phone and a black hoodie, and right as I was about to leave, a hand caught my arm. I turned around and saw Niall.
"We need to talk." he said looking me in the eye.
"About what?" I asked nervously.
"Kylie you know what I'm talking about." he said sternly.
"Okay." I said looking at the ground. "But I need some fresh air, so care to join me?" 
"I would be much delighted." he said smiling. I stood waiting as he went to go grab a jacket. I stood there in silence for a minute or two waiting for him to come back.
He came back and opened the door for me. I gave him a polite smile and stepped out onto the door step. He stepped out and we walked down the driveway. I tucked my hands inside my hoodie pockets, not only because it was freezing, but because I didn't want Niall to hold my hand.
We started walking into town and I don't think we've stopped talking since we left. Weird enough, he hasn't brought up the kiss yet. Maybe he is just trying to be polite. 
We keep walking and I couldn't take it anymore, I took my hands out of my pockets and started rubbing them back and forth.
"Your hands cold?" he asked.
"Extremely!" I said.
"So are mine." he said and then took my hands in his.
"Niall how is this supposed to help?" I asked.
"It won't, but at least we'll be cold together." he said and I smiled at him. We continued walking down the street and weren't particularly going anywhere specific.
"So besides music do you have any other talents? Basically sports or something?" he asked genuinely.
"Yes I do actually. When I was in highschool I played soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, gymnastics, and dance. Other than sports, I was really good at art and writing." I said. 
"Wow you're really talented." he said.
"That's a matter of opinion." I said. 
"Yeah I guess it is." he said chuckling.
"So tell me more about you." he said.
"Okay, basic stuff. I was born January 13th in 1996. My favorite color is green. My favorite animal is the giraffe. Obviously I have light brown hair and green eyes. I've been playing instruments since I was in the fourth grade. I play clarinet, tenor sax., drums, piano, bass guitar, and regular guitar. My first house was in Tionesta, but we moved to Clarion when I was five or six. The first school I went to was a Catholic school. Umm... I was bullied in seventh grade for basically just being myself, and yeah that's the basics." I said.
"Wait, Simon told us you were nineteen."
"You would think so since I was in college, but no I graduated early."
"Oh, well you missed one that people usually say." he said.
"What's that?" 
"Turn-ons and turn-offs."
"Oh right. Turn-ons, umm... obviously music lovers. If you have two music lovers in a relationship I think there would be a really strong bond. I have a large obsession with hats, like beanies and snapbacks. Long sleeve t-shirts or hoodies, blue eyes, and overall a person who doesn't take themselves seriously and someone who likes a good laugh. Turn-offs are being serious, I've never honestly been that attracted to guys with a six-pack, which brings me to being too much of a show off. You know what I mean, like a guy who would rather be liked for his looks instead of his personality."
"You're so..." he began, but I cut him off.
"Crazy?" I asked and he laughed.
"Yes, but I like that. No I was going to say unique, genuine, down to earth."
"Thank you." I said. "And I would ask you what your turn-ons and turn-offs are, but I already know."
"You do?" he asked.
"Yeah, I was a huge fan of yours. You were kind of like my idol, my male idol anyway. My overall role model is Demi Lovato, but you still taught me a lot. I never thought I'd get the chance to thank you, but here I am now, so thank you." I said and he hugged me.
He took out his phone and got on twitter.
"Mind if I get a picture?" he asked.
"Not at all." I said. He put his arm around my lower back and I laced my arms around his neck. He took the picture and posted it to twitter, 'Look at my new awesomely talented friend. Her name is Kylie Wense! How gorgeous is she?!' He showed me the tweet and he smiled to himself. He put his phone in his pocket and I looked at him while he wasn't paying attention to me.
"You don't have to pretend like you like me." I said and he looked at me funny. "I've had enough people lie to me before." I said.
"I'm not pretending, trust me." he said.
"And that's how they always end their sentences." I said turning away from him. He jumped out in front of me and put his hands on my shoulders and I sighed.
"Kylie I'm not like any of the others that have let you down, and I can promise you that." he said and I curled my bottom lip underneath the top one. "I..." he paused for a moment. "Really like you." he said looking me straight in the eye. 
"Well I don't think you're lying to me. I really haven't met that many people who could look me in the eye and lie, and I know you would never be able to get away with it." I said and he laughed. "Okay, I believe you." I said. He smiled and grabbed a hold of my hand again and we continued walking until we got back home.
When we got back to my house we walked in laughing with our arms linked. Louis came running to the front door, almost out of breath.
"Thank god she's okay." he shouted. "Simon would have killed us if we lost you." he said.
"Nice to see you to, Lou." Niall said.
"Sorry, you know you're way around here, she doesn't." he said.
"He has a point Niall." I added. The rest of the boys came running in panting just like Louis.
"Wow, worried much?" I asked.
"Kylie it's not funny." Liam said.
"Yeah, we were worried sick." Harry added.
"Did it ever occur to you that maybe I was with Niall?" I asked. They sighed and I knew they were mad at me. I started tearing up seing the expressions on their faces. "I'm sorry." I said choking up. Niall looked at me softly, along with the rest of the boys.
"No we're sorry." Zayn said.
"We didn't mean to make you cry." Harry said.
"We're just really protective." Niall said wrapping me into a hug.
"No it's not your fault...I'm just really sensitive." I said pushing away from Niall and running upstairs.
I ran into my room wishing it had a lock. I sat down on my bed and held back most of my tears. I picked up my guitar and started strumming angrily. I stopped when the string snapped and left a cut on my wrist. I cringed and saw the blood start to stream out from the grewsome cut. 
"Bloody hell!" I said to myself and went into the bathroom. I put my cut under hot water for ten minutes, but it was still bleeding. I wrapped it in bandages and went back into my room to see Niall sitting on my bed. Again, wish I had a lock on my door.
"Hey we need to talk." he said.
"Oh boy." I said sitting down beside him. I laid back on my bed and he remained sitting up.
"I'm so sorry we made you cry." he said.
"It's not you guys' fault, I should gave told you earlier how sensitive I am." I said.
"Well I'm still really sorry."
"Niall, it's fine." I said. He laid back on my bed with me and I looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back and reached for my hand, brushing up against my bandages.
"What's that?" Niall asked referring to my wrist. I stared down at my wrist and saw some of my blood had soaked through.
"Oh, nothing." I said. 
"Kylie that wasn't there when we were downstairs. What is it?" he asked again. I took off my bandages and showed it to him. It looked like I had cut myself on purpose.
"Did you cut yourself?" he asked and I nodded. "Why?" he asked with a choked voice.
"No, Niall it's not what you think. I was playing the guitar and the string snapped and cut my wrist." I said, but his expression didn't change. I got up and showed him my guitar. "See the string broke." I said and he eased up a little.
"I still worry about you." he said. 
"I know you do." I confessed. "You don't need to though. I'll be alright, I just have to get used to...Well, this whole thing." I said.
"What whole thing?"
"Having someone who truly loves me and cares about me." I said. 
"You really do need to get used to it, cause believe it or not, downstairs are ten other individuals who truly care about you. Four of them especially." he said. I blushed and we were sitting at the end of the bed together with my head on his shoulder and him holding my hands. 
"You know I'm not the type of girl who enjoys a chick flick, but if that's what kind of scene this is, I think I like it." I said.
"Then what kind of movies do you like?" 
"Horror, action, or comedy. I love a good laugh, but also the feeling of adrenalin."
"I'll have to remember that if we ever have a movie night." he said and winked at me.
"Why don't we have one tonight? I think I want to go shopping with the girls tomorrow. I wabt to spend some quality time with them." I said and he smiled. "Do you think they like me?" I asked.
"I have been told on numerous occasions how much they love you. I think Icis does the most though." he said. There was a long pause between us and ge stroked the back of my hand with his thumb. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" he asked me.
"I don't know." I said and thought to myself. "I believe in falling in love. I also believe the person you're falling in love with is going to be the one to catch you."
"The truth about love is that it's a figure in a mask that finds you. You can't find it, because it uses the element of surprise, it uses it's masquerade to take your breath away."
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